Microsoft Windows URI Handler Command Execution Vulnerability

ID EDB-ID:30645
Type exploitdb
Reporter Billy Rios
Modified 2007-10-05T00:00:00


Microsoft Windows URI Handler Command Execution Vulnerability. CVE-2007-3896. Remote exploit for windows platform


Microsoft Windows XP and Server 2003 with Internet Explorer 7 is prone to a command-execution vulnerability because it fails to properly sanitize input.

Successfully exploiting this issue allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands in the context of users that follow malicious URIs.

Known attack vectors include following URIs in these applications:

- Mozilla Firefox in versions prior to
- Skype in versions prior to
- Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.1
- Miranda 0.7
- Netscape 7.1
- mIRC.

NOTE: Attackers can exploit the issue in BID 25543 (Mozilla Firefox Unspecified Protocol Handling Command Injection Vulnerability) as an attack vector for this issue. 

The following proof-of-concept URI demonstrates this vulnerability:

mailto:test% ../../../../windows/system32/calc.exe".cmd