winamp Web interface 7.5.13 - Multiple Vulnerabilities

ID EDB-ID:29277
Type exploitdb
Reporter Luigi Auriemma
Modified 2006-12-11T00:00:00


Winamp Web Interface 7.5.13 Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities. Remote exploit for windows platform


Winamp Web Interface is prone to multiple remote vulnerabilities. These issues include:

- Buffer-overflow issues
- A directory-traversal issue
- An arbitrary file-download issue
- A denial-of-service issue
- An information-disclosure issue 

An attacker can exploit thse issues to execute arbitrary code within the context of the affected application, crash the affected application, deny service to legitimate users, download arbitrary files, and obtain sensitive information. Other attacks are also possible. 

Winamp Web Interface 7.5.13 and prior versions are vulnerable to these issues.

Buffer-overflow vulnerabilities: then insert an username longer than 100 chars


Arbitrary file-download vulnerability:\file.txt.