newsPHP 2006 PRO index.php Multiple Parameter XSS

ID EDB-ID:28132
Type exploitdb
Reporter securityconnection
Modified 2006-06-29T00:00:00


newsPHP 2006 PRO index.php Multiple Parameter XSS. CVE-2006-3358. Webapps exploit for php platform


NewsPHP 2006 PRO is prone to multiple input-validation vulnerabilities. The issues include cross-site scripting and SQL-injection vulnerabilities. These issues are due to a failure in the application to properly sanitize user-supplied input. 

A successful exploit of these vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to compromise the application, access or modify data, steal cookie-based authentication credentials, or even exploit vulnerabilities in the underlying database implementation. Other attacks are also possible.'%3E%3Cscript%3Ealert(%22Ellipsis%20Security%20Test%22)%3C/script%3E'Ellipsis%20Security%20Test')%3C/script%3E