CitrusDB 0.3.6 importcc.php Arbitrary Database Injection

ID EDB-ID:25099
Type exploitdb
Reporter RedTeam Pentesting
Modified 2005-02-15T00:00:00


CitrusDB 0.3.6 importcc.php Arbitrary Database Injection. CVE-2005-0409. Webapps exploit for php platform


CitrusDB is reportedly affected by an access validation vulnerability during the upload of CSV files. Exploitation of this issue could result in path disclosure or SQL injection. The issue exists because the application fails to verify user credentials during file upload and import.

These issues are reported to affect CitrusDB 0.3.6; earlier versions may also be affected.

curl -D - --cookie "id_hash=2378c7b70e77d9c6737d697a46cbe34b;