FortiGate Firewall 2.x listdel Admin Interface XSS

ID EDB-ID:23378
Type exploitdb
Reporter Maarten Hartsuijker
Modified 2003-11-12T00:00:00


FortiGate Firewall 2.x listdel Admin Interface XSS. Remote exploit for hardware platform

Multiple cross-site scripting vulnerabilities have been reported in the FortiGate Firewall web administrative interface.
These issues could be exploited by enticing an administrative user to follow a malicious link that includes hostile HTML and script code as values for URI parameters. If such a link is followed, the hostile code may be rendered in the administrator's browser. This could lead to theft of cookie-based authentication credentials, which contain the username and MD5 hash of the password, allowing for full compromise of the firewall.<script>alert('oops')</script>&startline=0<script>alert('oops')</script>&startline=0(naturally)