Nokia Electronic Documentation 5.0 - Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

ID EDB-ID:23149
Type exploitdb
Reporter Ollie Whitehouse
Modified 2003-09-15T00:00:00


Nokia Electronic Documentation 5.0 Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability. CVE-2003-0801. Remote exploit for windows platform


Nokia Electronic Documentation (NED) has been reported prone to a cross-site scripting vulnerability. The issue has been conjectured to present itself due to a lack of sufficient sanitization performed on user supplied data.

A remote attacker may exploit this issue by enticing a target user to follow a malicious link to the affected Nokia Electronic Documentation site, which contains embedded HTML and script code. The attacker-supplied code would potentially be rendered in the user's browser when the link is followed.

It should be noted that although this vulnerability has been reported to affect Nokia Electronic Documentation version 5.0, previous versions might also be affected.<script>alert('@stake');</script>