HP-UX 11 RWrite Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

ID EDB-ID:22561
Type exploitdb
Reporter bt@delfi.lt
Modified 2003-05-02T00:00:00


HP-UX 11 RWrite Buffer Overflow Vulnerability. CVE-2003-1461. Dos exploit for hp-ux platform

                                            source: http://www.securityfocus.com/bid/7489/info

HP-UX rwrite utility has been reported prone to a buffer overflow vulnerability. Although unconfirmed code execution with elevated privileges may be possible.

The condition presents itself when excessive data is supplied as part of an argument passed to the vulnerable utility. Due to the lack of bounds checking, the vulnerable utility will crash.

The precise technical details of this vulnerability are currently unknown. This BID will be updated, as further information is available.

$ /usr/lbin/rwrite something `perl -e 'print "A" x 14628'` something