Opera 6.0/7.0 Long Filename Download Buffer Overrun Vulnerability

ID EDB-ID:22341
Type exploitdb
Reporter nesumin
Modified 2003-03-10T00:00:00


Opera 6.0/7.0 Long Filename Download Buffer Overrun Vulnerability. Remote exploit for windows platform

                                            source: http://www.securityfocus.com/bid/7056/info

A buffer overrun vulnerability has been discovered in the Opera web browser. The issue affects Opera versions 6 and 7 on the Microsoft Windows platform.

Due to insufficient bounds checking when copying file names to a temporary buffer it may be possible for an attacker to corrupt memory. The problem occurs when downloading a file with a name of excessive length.

Successful exploitation of this issue may allow an attacker to execute arbitrary commands within a browser that downloads the malicious file.

It should be noted that this issue is limited to files that are displayed in the 'Download Dialog'.