Macromedia Sitespring 1.2 Default Error Page Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

ID EDB-ID:21621
Type exploitdb
Reporter Peter Gründl
Modified 2002-07-17T00:00:00


Macromedia Sitespring 1.2 Default Error Page Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability. CVE-2002-1027 . Webapps exploit for jsp platform


Macromedia Sitespring is a J2EE-compliant product for managing website production. The Macromedia Sitespring server runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

A cross-site scripting issue has been reported in the default error page used by Sitespring. When an HTTP 500 error is returned, some user-supplied data is included in the generated HTML. Since this data isn't properly sanitized, an attacker may be able to include arbitrary HTML, including JavaScript.