PHPSlash 0.5.3 2/0.6.1 URL Block Arbitrary File Disclosure Vulnerability

ID EDB-ID:20848
Type exploitdb
Reporter tobozo tagada
Modified 2001-04-15T00:00:00


PHPSlash 0.5.3 2/0.6.1 URL Block Arbitrary File Disclosure Vulnerability. CVE-2001-1334 . Webapps exploit for php platform


PHPSlash is a widely used open source Groupware utility.

PHPSlash contains a vulnerability which may disclose files readable to the webserver process on the underlying host to PHPSlash users who can 'edit' URL blocks.

Exploitation may result in attackers gaining local access to the webserver or information which could assist in further attacks. 

Login as admin with GOD permissions
Access the BLOCKS admin section
(blockAdmin.php3) and
create a new block with the following information :

Title : notTrusted
Type : url
Site Location : whatever
Source URL : ./config.php3
Expire Length : 0
Owned by section : home
Data : (empty)
Order number : whatever

It will display the content of the config.php3 as text in
the block of the main page.

It might become an issue if blockAdmin.php3 gives
add/edit/remove permission to some users that are
supposed to access the filesystem.