BindView HackerShield 1.0/1.1 HackerShield AgentAdmin Password Vulnerability

ID EDB-ID:19491
Type exploitdb
Reporter anonymous
Modified 1999-09-10T00:00:00


BindView HackerShield 1.0/1.1 HackerShield AgentAdmin Password Vulnerability. Remote exploit for windows platform


The BindView HackerShield product (originally Netect's HackerShield) creates an NT service account called NetectAgentAdmin$. This account is a member of the local administrators group on an NT host. The service account password is not machine specific, nor is it randomly generated. The password is fourteen characters long and includes non-printable ascii characters, therefore, password cracking tools like L0phtcrack <> may not be able to fully display the password.

Using Paul Ashton's LSA secrets code <> against a Service Pack 3 machine with HackerShield installed, it is possible to recover the plaintext password for this account. As this password is the same for every HackerShield installation, an attacker could use this username / password combination to remotely access other NT hosts running the HackerShield product. 

The first twelve characters of the NetectAgentAdmin$ account password are: np7m4qM1M7VT

the thirteenth character is a <tab>

the fourteenth character is an equal sign <=>

making the entire password: np7m4qM1M7VT<tab>=

this password can be entered from the command line with quotation marks around it.

net use \\\ipc$ "np7m4qM1M7VT =" /user:\netectagentadmin$