pecio CMS 2.0.5 - Multiple Remote File Inclusion Vulnerabilities

ID EDB-ID:14815
Type exploitdb
Reporter eidelweiss
Modified 2010-08-27T00:00:00


pecio CMS v2.0.5 Multiple Remote File Inclusion Vulnerabilities. CVE-2010-3204. Webapps exploit for php platform

pecio CMS v2.0.5 (template) Multiple Remote File Include Vulnerability

Software Link:
Author: eidelweiss
Contact: g1xsystem[at]

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Greetz: (Inj3ct0r Exploit DataBase), YOGYACARDERLINK, and all Indonesian Hacking Community.
Special Thank`s To: iwe a.k.a KirD , PKI a.k.a Andri klaten, m4rc0 (Thx so much,you know why and i`ll never forget you all)


Pecio is a content management system written in PHP with the intention to be a small, simple and lightweight cms for people who want to create websites including old-style information and new-style blog part.
It doesn't mainly focus on ease of use and full featured user experience but rather on being a flexible and lightweight content editing solution for web masters.


	-=[ Vuln c0de ]=-

<?php include('pec_templates/' . $pecio->get('template')->get_directory_name() . '/header.php'); ?>

<?php include('pec_templates/' . $pecio->get('template')->get_directory_name() . '/footer.php'); ?>


	-=[ p0c ]=- [inj3ct0r sh3ll] [inj3ct0r sh3ll] [inj3ct0r sh3ll] [inj3ct0r sh3ll]


Script kiddies please learn more about RFI vulnerability, its not just about include and require.
if just need or want to get name or exist , so people call you hacker after post or publish shit exploits it`s wrong way i thing !!!

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