Group Office Remote Command Execution Vulnerability

ID EDB-ID:14381
Type exploitdb
Reporter ADEO Security
Modified 2010-07-16T00:00:00


Group Office Remote Command Execution Vulnerability. Webapps exploit for php platform

                                            # Title
Group Office Remote Command Execution Vulnerability

# Author
ADEO Security

# Published

# Version
3.5.9 (Possible all versions)

# Vendor

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# Description
"Take your office online with Group-Office groupware. Share projects,
calendars, files and e-mail online with co-workers and clients. Easy
to use and fully customizable, Group-Office takes online collaboration
to the next level."

# Credit
Vulnerability founded by Canberk BOLAT
	- Mail: security[AT]
	- Web: ,

# Vulnerability
Remote attacker can execute commands on the system that host target
web application. Its high level vulnerability. Attacker needs gnupg
module that installed.

$data = $gnupg->export($_REQUEST['fingerprint']);

In json.php export method called with HTTP Request that's name
fingerprint. In the export method, variable $fingerprint passed to
run_cmd method.

public function export($fingerprint)
	$this->run_cmd('--armor --export '.$fingerprint, $key);
private function run_cmd($cmd, &$output=null, &$errorcode=null,
$data=null, $passphrase=null, $background=false)
	$complete_cmd .= ' '.$cmd;
$p = proc_open($complete_cmd,$this->fd, $this->pipes);

'complete_cmd' variable executed by application and if attacker
manipulate request 'fingerprint' application executes attackers
malicious codes.

# Exploitation