Everfocus <= 1.4 - EDSR Remote Authentication Bypass

ID EDB-ID:10209
Type exploitdb
Reporter Andrea Fabrizi
Modified 2009-10-14T00:00:00


Everfocus. CVE-2009-3828. Webapps exploits for multiple platform

Product: Everfocus EDSR series
Version affected: 1.4 and older
Website: http://www.everfocus.com/
Discovered By: Andrea Fabrizi
Email: andrea.fabrizi () gmail com
Web: http://www.andreafabrizi.it
Vuln: remote DVR applet authentication bypass

The EDSR firmware don't handle correctly users authentication and sessions.

This exploit let you to connect to every remote DVR (without username
and password) and see the live cams :)
Exploit: http://www.andreafabrizi.it/files/EverFocus_Edsr_Exploit.tar.gz

I discovered this vulnerability one year ago and i have informed the
vendor, but apparently
there is no solution at this time.

Andrea Fabrizi

https://github.com/offensive-security/exploit-database-bin-sploits/raw/master/sploits/10209.tar.gz (2009-11-22-EverFocus_Edsr_Exploit.tar.gz)