linux-kernel-2.4.17-mips+mipsel -- several vulnerabilities

ID DSA-489
Type debian
Reporter Debian
Modified 2004-04-17T00:00:00


Several serious problems have been discovered in the Linux kernel. This update takes care of Linux 2.4.17 for the MIPS and MIPSel architectures. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project identifies the following problems that will be fixed with this update:

A vulnerability has been discovered in the R128 DRI driver in the Linux kernel which could potentially lead an attacker to gain unauthorised privileges. Alan Cox and Thomas Biege developed a correction for this.

Arjan van de Ven discovered a stack-based buffer overflow in the ncp_lookup function for ncpfs in the Linux kernel, which could lead an attacker to gain unauthorised privileges. Petr Vandrovec developed a correction for this.

zen-parse discovered a buffer overflow vulnerability in the ISO9660 filesystem component of Linux kernel which could be abused by an attacker to gain unauthorised root access. Sebastian Krahmer and Ernie Petrides developed a correction for this.

Solar Designer discovered an information leak in the ext3 code of Linux. In a worst case an attacker could read sensitive data such as cryptographic keys which would otherwise never hit disk media. Theodore Ts'o developed a correction for this.

Andreas Kies discovered a denial of service condition in the Sound Blaster driver in Linux. He also developed a correction for this.

These problems are also fixed by upstream in Linux 2.4.26 and will be fixed in Linux 2.6.6.

The following security matrix explains which kernel versions for which architectures are already fixed and which will be removed instead.

Architecture | stable (woody) | unstable (sid) | removed in sid
source | 2.4.17-1woody3 | 2.4.25-3 | 2.4.19-11
mips | 2.4.17-0.020226.2.woody6 | 2.4.25-0.040415.1 | 2.4.19-0.020911.8
mipsel | 2.4.17-0.020226.2.woody6 | 2.4.25-0.040415.1 | 2.4.19-0.020911.9

We recommend that you upgrade your kernel packages immediately, either with a Debian provided kernel or with a self compiled one.

Vulnerability matrix for CAN-2004-0109