wmtv -- symlink vulnerability

ID DSA-108
Type debian
Reporter Debian
Modified 2002-02-07T00:00:00


Nicolas Boullis found some security problems in the wmtv package (a dockable video4linux TV player for windowmaker) which is distributed in Debian GNU/Linux 2.2. With the current version of wmtv, the configuration file is written back as the superuser, and without any further checks. A malicious user might use that to damage important files.

This problem has been fixed in version 0.6.5-2potato2 for the stable distribution by dropping privileges as soon as possible and only regaining them where required. In the current testing/unstable distribution this problem has been fixed in version 0.6.5-9 and above by not requiring privileges anymore. Both contain fixes for two potential buffer overflows as well.

We recommend that you upgrade your wmtv packages immediately.