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HistoryJul 07, 2005 - 9:05 a.m.

[SECURITY] [DSA 741-1] New bzip2 packages prevent decompression bomb






Debian Security Advisory DSA 741-1 [email protected] Martin Schulze
July 7th, 2005

Package : bzip2
Vulnerability : infinite loop
Problem-Type : local (remote)
Debian-specific: no
CVE ID : CAN-2005-1260
Debian Bug : 310803

Chris Evans discovered that a specially crafted archive can trigger an
infinete loop in bzip2, a high-quality block-sorting file compressor.
During uncompression this results in an indefinitively growing output
file which will finally fill up the disk and. On systems that
automatically decompress bzip2 archives this can cause a denial of

For the oldstable distribution (woody) this problem has been fixed in
version 1.0.2-1.woody5.

For the stable distribution (sarge) this problem has been fixed in
version 1.0.2-7.

For the unstable distribution (sid) this problem has been fixed in
version 1.0.2-7.

We recommend that you upgrade your bzip2 package.

Upgrade Instructions

wget url
will fetch the file for you
dpkg -i file.deb
will install the referenced file.

If you are using the apt-get package manager, use the line for
sources.list as given below:

apt-get update
will update the internal database
apt-get upgrade
will install corrected packages

You may use an automated update by adding the resources from the
footer to the proper configuration.

Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 alias woody

Source archives:
  Size/MD5 checksum:      591 2bbebaa9594819a21b293cd679e88f9e
  Size/MD5 checksum:    11423 d413545f13911158a7f382a1dc68008b
  Size/MD5 checksum:   665198 ee76864958d568677f03db8afad92beb

Alpha architecture:
  Size/MD5 checksum:   233882 d3c37c8ad0cb2420ee374b524a92a07c
  Size/MD5 checksum:    44560 de6c1c030622783e52c4267ba1b501e3
  Size/MD5 checksum:    38716 0f8eef3a5703404e6e9ac0dd11898966

ARM architecture:
  Size/MD5 checksum:   230474 e07a9ae2b735d7b66590dd8fb00cd300
  Size/MD5 checksum:    38796 7cc672c5a6fea032afa005cfe9dad039
  Size/MD5 checksum:    35504 a923ddc75c05df5d07aff126d6f11755

Intel IA-32 architecture:
  Size/MD5 checksum:   230044 956cb5c4e8c21ae3021ac4e8f3df1c94
  Size/MD5 checksum:    35844 0347c033eb73e0cc20207dd4eb556955
  Size/MD5 checksum:    28372 bc465e4913826f411d6859a07cd6247a

Intel IA-64 architecture:
  Size/MD5 checksum:   238600 b16122e6bd2a37085ac003ece8545ab2
  Size/MD5 checksum:    53758 e17ccb297e38c7fa4c2ccdb569ea4dbe
  Size/MD5 checksum:    47592 f1bfbf630c9fd023abb32f67e99167bc

HP Precision architecture:
  Size/MD5 checksum:   232234 5264f07a33b904b0b33a7785c1446d82
  Size/MD5 checksum:    41122 e6e29616e1b93cd1c2a17f7df0daa6ec
  Size/MD5 checksum:    33744 e88276e32923b2298467314e835b4ee8

Motorola 680x0 architecture:
  Size/MD5 checksum:   227958 9a248a2c98973a0c2acc108ddd734872
  Size/MD5 checksum:    33690 92d2c08e723a48f0bb4f599cee6d2c87
  Size/MD5 checksum:    26342 aa65d4c4501693544ab7bf64993bfe0e

Big endian MIPS architecture:
  Size/MD5 checksum:   231258 bd0b416bdc17dc6cf0c6cbe039e5e763
  Size/MD5 checksum:    37684 616624223d16bd3ba4ec883e19e5551a
  Size/MD5 checksum:    32854 9f12e2896db97d60b811ad2fc35858b4

Little endian MIPS architecture:
  Size/MD5 checksum:   231230 7072312d3a023281dd67061b02a74b82
  Size/MD5 checksum:    37756 b9a1403598e7b0aa9e8e7ff81dedc110
  Size/MD5 checksum:    33028 a8b9090f027c22c34e33341b3188b514

PowerPC architecture:
  Size/MD5 checksum:   229704 416a8557b1ab191c79360cd1e7d04cd2
  Size/MD5 checksum:    37712 5f2539505ce656196d5e12def3e19ce0
  Size/MD5 checksum:    31644 2a5ccdc0789aaa91b996e6add8ff9be0

IBM S/390 architecture:
  Size/MD5 checksum:   230446 67fddd242f6f0846e0b6f553be167330
  Size/MD5 checksum:    38658 c1312c461fd205df9561363e5288bafd
  Size/MD5 checksum:    31874 1f3da1b03000aae476009ad7b3de968c

Sun Sparc architecture:
  Size/MD5 checksum:   236538 ec72b7afb317a1395bdf660a9d33310a
  Size/MD5 checksum:    37304 2e037b1c17a0344add10fbf66472e2ef
  Size/MD5 checksum:    30818 c9fc751b79920dc5aa4216785310652a

These files will probably be moved into the stable distribution on
its next update.

For apt-get: deb stable/updates main
For dpkg-ftp: dists/stable/updates/main
Mailing list: [email protected]
Package info: `apt-cache show <pkg>' and;pkg&gt;