[SECURITY] [DSA 4181-1] roundcube security update

Type debian
Reporter Debian
Modified 2018-04-28T06:16:24


Debian Security Advisory DSA-4181-1 security@debian.org https://www.debian.org/security/ Salvatore Bonaccorso April 28, 2018 https://www.debian.org/security/faq

Package : roundcube CVE ID : CVE-2018-9846 Debian Bug : 895184

Andrea Basile discovered that the 'archive' plugin in roundcube, a skinnable AJAX based webmail solution for IMAP servers, does not properly sanitize a user-controlled parameter, allowing a remote attacker to inject arbitrary IMAP commands and perform malicious actions.

For the stable distribution (stretch), this problem has been fixed in version 1.2.3+dfsg.1-4+deb9u2.

We recommend that you upgrade your roundcube packages.

For the detailed security status of roundcube please refer to its security tracker page at: https://security-tracker.debian.org/tracker/roundcube

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