[SECURITY] [DSA 3835-1] python-django security update

ID DEBIAN:DSA-3835-1:2A1A9
Type debian
Reporter Debian
Modified 2017-04-26T20:05:43


Debian Security Advisory DSA-3835-1 security@debian.org https://www.debian.org/security/ Salvatore Bonaccorso April 26, 2017 https://www.debian.org/security/faq

Package : python-django CVE ID : CVE-2016-9013 CVE-2016-9014 CVE-2017-7233 CVE-2017-7234 Debian Bug : 842856 859515 859516

Several vulnerabilities were discovered in Django, a high-level Python web development framework. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project identifies the following problems:


Marti Raudsepp reported that a user with a hardcoded password is
created when running tests with an Oracle database.


Aymeric Augustin discovered that Django does not properly validate
the Host header against settings.ALLOWED_HOSTS when the debug
setting is enabled. A remote attacker can take advantage of this
flaw to perform DNS rebinding attacks.


It was discovered that is_safe_url() does not properly handle
certain numeric URLs as safe. A remote attacker can take advantage
of this flaw to perform XSS attacks or to use a Django server as an
open redirect.


Phithon from Chaitin Tech discovered an open redirect vulnerability
in the django.views.static.serve() view. Note that this view is not
intended for production use.

For the stable distribution (jessie), these problems have been fixed in version 1.7.11-1+deb8u2.

We recommend that you upgrade your python-django packages.

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