Dell PowerEdge BIOS and Dell Precision BIOS contain an Improper SMM communication buffer verification vulnerability. A local malicious user with high Privileges may potentially exploit this vulnerability to perform arbitrary code execution or cause denial of service.

Affected Software

CPE Name Name Version
dell:r6515_firmware dell r6515 firmware 2.9.3
dell:r7515_firmware dell r7515 firmware 2.9.3
dell:r6525_firmware dell r6525 firmware 2.9.3
dell:r7525_firmware dell r7525 firmware 2.9.3
dell:xe8545_firmware dell xe8545 firmware 2.9.4
dell:c6525_firmware dell c6525 firmware *
dell:r6415_firmware dell r6415 firmware 1.19.0
dell:r7415_firmware dell r7415 firmware 1.19.0
dell:r7425_firmware dell r7425 firmware 1.19.0
dell:r750_firmware dell r750 firmware 1.8.2
dell:r750xa_firmware dell r750xa firmware 1.8.2
dell:r650_firmware dell r650 firmware 1.8.2
dell:c6520_firmware dell c6520 firmware 1.8.2
dell:mx750c_firmware dell mx750c firmware 1.8.2
dell:r450_firmware dell r450 firmware 1.8.2
dell:r550_firmware dell r550 firmware 1.8.2
dell:r650xs_firmware dell r650xs firmware 1.8.2
dell:r750xs_firmware dell r750xs firmware 1.8.2
dell:t550_firmware dell t550 firmware 1.8.2
dell:xr11_firmware dell xr11 firmware 1.8.2
dell:xr12_firmware dell xr12 firmware 1.8.2
dell:r250_firmware dell r250 firmware 1.4.2
dell:r350_firmware dell r350 firmware 1.4.2
dell:t150_firmware dell t150 firmware 1.4.2
dell:t350_firmware dell t350 firmware 1.4.2
dell:r740_firmware dell r740 firmware 2.16.1
dell:r740xd_firmware dell r740xd firmware 2.16.1
dell:r640_firmware dell r640 firmware 2.16.1
dell:r940_firmware dell r940 firmware 2.16.1
dell:r540_firmware dell r540 firmware 2.16.1
dell:r440_firmware dell r440 firmware 2.16.1
dell:t440_firmware dell t440 firmware 2.16.1
dell:xr2_firmware dell xr2 firmware 2.16.1
dell:r740xd2_firmware dell r740xd2 firmware 2.16.1
dell:r840_firmware dell r840 firmware 2.16.1
dell:r940xa_firmware dell r940xa firmware 2.16.1
dell:t640_firmware dell t640 firmware 2.16.1
dell:c6420_firmware dell c6420 firmware 2.16.1
dell:fc640_firmware dell fc640 firmware 2.16.1
dell:m640_firmware dell m640 firmware 2.16.1
dell:m640p_firmware dell m640p firmware 2.16.1
dell:mx740c_firmware dell mx740c firmware 2.16.1
dell:mx840c_firmware dell mx840c firmware 2.16.1
dell:c4140_firmware dell c4140 firmware 2.16.1
dell:dss8440_firmware dell dss8440 firmware 2.16.1
dell:t140_firmware dell t140 firmware 2.11.1
dell:t340_firmware dell t340 firmware 2.11.1
dell:r240_firmware dell r240 firmware 2.11.1
dell:r340_firmware dell r340 firmware 2.11.1
dell:xe2420_firmware dell xe2420 firmware 2.16.0
dell:xe7420_firmware dell xe7420 firmware 2.16.1
dell:xe7440_firmware dell xe7440 firmware 2.16.1
dell:r730_firmware dell r730 firmware 2.16.0
dell:r730xd_firmware dell r730xd firmware 2.16.0
dell:r630_firmware dell r630 firmware 2.16.0
dell:c4130_firmware dell c4130 firmware 2.16.0
dell:r930_firmware dell r930 firmware 2.16.0
dell:m630_firmware dell m630 firmware 2.16.0
dell:m630p_firmware dell m630p firmware 2.16.0
dell:fc630_firmware dell fc630 firmware 2.16.0
dell:fc430_firmware dell fc430 firmware 2.16.0
dell:m830_firmware dell m830 firmware 2.16.0
dell:m830p_firmware dell m830p firmware 2.16.0
dell:fc830_firmware dell fc830 firmware 2.16.0
dell:t630_firmware dell t630 firmware 2.16.0
dell:r530_firmware dell r530 firmware 2.16.0
dell:r430_firmware dell r430 firmware 2.16.0
dell:t430_firmware dell t430 firmware 2.16.0
dell:r830_firmware dell r830 firmware 1.16.0
dell:c6320_firmware dell c6320 firmware 2.16.0
dell:t130_firmware dell t130 firmware 2.16.0
dell:r230_firmware dell r230 firmware 2.16.0
dell:t330_firmware dell t330 firmware 2.16.0
dell:r330_firmware dell r330 firmware 2.16.0
dell:nx430_firmware dell nx430 firmware 2.16.0
dell:nx3230_firmware dell nx3230 firmware 2.16.0
dell:nx3330_firmware dell nx3330 firmware 2.16.0
dell:nx440_firmware dell nx440 firmware 2.11.1
dell:nx3240_firmware dell nx3240 firmware 2.16.1
dell:nx3340_firmware dell nx3340 firmware 2.16.1