A vulnerability was found in kvm_s390_guest_sida_op in the arch/s390/kvm/kvm-s390.c function in KVM for s390 in the Linux kernel. This flaw allows a local attacker with a normal user privilege to obtain unauthorized memory write access. This flaw affects Linux kernel versions prior to 5.17-rc4.

Affected Software

CPE Name Name Version
linux:linux_kernel linux linux kernel 5.17
fedoraproject:fedora fedoraproject fedora 34
fedoraproject:fedora fedoraproject fedora 35
debian:debian_linux debian debian linux 11.0
redhat:virtualization_host redhat virtualization host 4.0
redhat:enterprise_linux redhat enterprise linux 8.0
redhat:enterprise_linux_server_tus redhat enterprise linux server tus 8.4
redhat:enterprise_linux_eus redhat enterprise linux eus 8.4
redhat:enterprise_linux_server_aus redhat enterprise linux server aus 8.4
redhat:enterprise_linux_server_update_services_for_sap_solutions redhat enterprise linux server update services for sap solutions 8.4
redhat:enterprise_linux_for_power_little_endian redhat enterprise linux for power little endian 8.0
redhat:enterprise_linux_for_ibm_z_systems_eus redhat enterprise linux for ibm z systems eus 8.4
redhat:enterprise_linux_for_ibm_z_systems redhat enterprise linux for ibm z systems 8.0
redhat:enterprise_linux_for_power_little_endian_eus redhat enterprise linux for power little endian eus 8.4
redhat:enterprise_linux_server_for_power_little_endian_update_services_for_sap_solutions redhat enterprise linux server for power little endian update services for sap solutions 8.4
redhat:codeready_linux_builder redhat codeready linux builder -
netapp:h300s_firmware netapp h300s firmware -
netapp:h500s_firmware netapp h500s firmware -
netapp:h700s_firmware netapp h700s firmware -
netapp:h300e_firmware netapp h300e firmware -
netapp:h500e_firmware netapp h500e firmware -
netapp:h700e_firmware netapp h700e firmware -
netapp:h410s_firmware netapp h410s firmware -
netapp:h410c_firmware netapp h410c firmware -