Possible buffer over read due to lack of size validation while copying data from DBR buffer to RX buffer and can lead to Denial of Service in Snapdragon Auto, Snapdragon Compute, Snapdragon Connectivity, Snapdragon Industrial IOT, Snapdragon Mobile, Snapdragon Wearables, Snapdragon Wired Infrastructure and Networking

Affected Software

CPE Name Name Version
qualcomm:aqt1000_firmware qualcomm aqt1000 firmware -
qualcomm:ar8035_firmware qualcomm ar8035 firmware -
qualcomm:ar9380_firmware qualcomm ar9380 firmware -
qualcomm:csr8811_firmware qualcomm csr8811 firmware -
qualcomm:csrb31024_firmware qualcomm csrb31024 firmware -
qualcomm:fsm10055_firmware qualcomm fsm10055 firmware -
qualcomm:fsm10056_firmware qualcomm fsm10056 firmware -
qualcomm:ipq4018_firmware qualcomm ipq4018 firmware -
qualcomm:ipq4019_firmware qualcomm ipq4019 firmware -
qualcomm:ipq4028_firmware qualcomm ipq4028 firmware -
qualcomm:ipq4029_firmware qualcomm ipq4029 firmware -
qualcomm:ipq5010_firmware qualcomm ipq5010 firmware -
qualcomm:ipq5018_firmware qualcomm ipq5018 firmware -
qualcomm:ipq5028_firmware qualcomm ipq5028 firmware -
qualcomm:ipq6000_firmware qualcomm ipq6000 firmware -
qualcomm:ipq6010_firmware qualcomm ipq6010 firmware -
qualcomm:ipq6018_firmware qualcomm ipq6018 firmware -
qualcomm:ipq6028_firmware qualcomm ipq6028 firmware -
qualcomm:ipq8064_firmware qualcomm ipq8064 firmware -
qualcomm:ipq8065_firmware qualcomm ipq8065 firmware -
qualcomm:ipq8068_firmware qualcomm ipq8068 firmware -
qualcomm:ipq8070_firmware qualcomm ipq8070 firmware -
qualcomm:ipq8070a_firmware qualcomm ipq8070a firmware -
qualcomm:ipq8071_firmware qualcomm ipq8071 firmware -
qualcomm:ipq8071a_firmware qualcomm ipq8071a firmware -
qualcomm:ipq8072_firmware qualcomm ipq8072 firmware -
qualcomm:ipq8072a_firmware qualcomm ipq8072a firmware -
qualcomm:ipq8074_firmware qualcomm ipq8074 firmware -
qualcomm:ipq8074a_firmware qualcomm ipq8074a firmware -
qualcomm:ipq8076_firmware qualcomm ipq8076 firmware -
qualcomm:ipq8076a_firmware qualcomm ipq8076a firmware -
qualcomm:ipq8078_firmware qualcomm ipq8078 firmware -
qualcomm:ipq8078a_firmware qualcomm ipq8078a firmware -
qualcomm:ipq8173_firmware qualcomm ipq8173 firmware -
qualcomm:ipq8174_firmware qualcomm ipq8174 firmware -
qualcomm:pmp8074_firmware qualcomm pmp8074 firmware -
qualcomm:qam8295p_firmware qualcomm qam8295p firmware -
qualcomm:qca4024_firmware qualcomm qca4024 firmware -
qualcomm:qca6175a_firmware qualcomm qca6175a firmware -
qualcomm:qca6390_firmware qualcomm qca6390 firmware -
qualcomm:qca6391_firmware qualcomm qca6391 firmware -
qualcomm:qca6426_firmware qualcomm qca6426 firmware -
qualcomm:qca6428_firmware qualcomm qca6428 firmware -
qualcomm:qca6436_firmware qualcomm qca6436 firmware -
qualcomm:qca6438_firmware qualcomm qca6438 firmware -
qualcomm:qca6554a_firmware qualcomm qca6554a firmware -
qualcomm:qca6564au_firmware qualcomm qca6564au firmware -
qualcomm:qca6574_firmware qualcomm qca6574 firmware -
qualcomm:qca6574a_firmware qualcomm qca6574a firmware -
qualcomm:qca6574au_firmware qualcomm qca6574au firmware -
qualcomm:qca6584au_firmware qualcomm qca6584au firmware -
qualcomm:qca6595_firmware qualcomm qca6595 firmware -
qualcomm:qca6595au_firmware qualcomm qca6595au firmware -
qualcomm:qca6696_firmware qualcomm qca6696 firmware -
qualcomm:qca7500_firmware qualcomm qca7500 firmware -
qualcomm:qca8072_firmware qualcomm qca8072 firmware -
qualcomm:qca8075_firmware qualcomm qca8075 firmware -
qualcomm:qca8081_firmware qualcomm qca8081 firmware -
qualcomm:qca8337_firmware qualcomm qca8337 firmware -
qualcomm:qca9880_firmware qualcomm qca9880 firmware -
qualcomm:qca9886_firmware qualcomm qca9886 firmware -
qualcomm:qca9888_firmware qualcomm qca9888 firmware -
qualcomm:qca9889_firmware qualcomm qca9889 firmware -
qualcomm:qca9898_firmware qualcomm qca9898 firmware -
qualcomm:qca9980_firmware qualcomm qca9980 firmware -
qualcomm:qca9984_firmware qualcomm qca9984 firmware -
qualcomm:qca9985_firmware qualcomm qca9985 firmware -
qualcomm:qca9990_firmware qualcomm qca9990 firmware -
qualcomm:qca9992_firmware qualcomm qca9992 firmware -
qualcomm:qca9994_firmware qualcomm qca9994 firmware -
qualcomm:qcm2290_firmware qualcomm qcm2290 firmware -
qualcomm:qcm4290_firmware qualcomm qcm4290 firmware -
qualcomm:qcm6125_firmware qualcomm qcm6125 firmware -
qualcomm:qcm6490_firmware qualcomm qcm6490 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn5021_firmware qualcomm qcn5021 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn5022_firmware qualcomm qcn5022 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn5024_firmware qualcomm qcn5024 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn5052_firmware qualcomm qcn5052 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn5054_firmware qualcomm qcn5054 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn5064_firmware qualcomm qcn5064 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn5122_firmware qualcomm qcn5122 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn5124_firmware qualcomm qcn5124 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn5152_firmware qualcomm qcn5152 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn5154_firmware qualcomm qcn5154 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn5164_firmware qualcomm qcn5164 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn5550_firmware qualcomm qcn5550 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn6023_firmware qualcomm qcn6023 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn6024_firmware qualcomm qcn6024 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn6100_firmware qualcomm qcn6100 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn6102_firmware qualcomm qcn6102 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn6112_firmware qualcomm qcn6112 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn6122_firmware qualcomm qcn6122 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn6132_firmware qualcomm qcn6132 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn9000_firmware qualcomm qcn9000 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn9011_firmware qualcomm qcn9011 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn9012_firmware qualcomm qcn9012 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn9022_firmware qualcomm qcn9022 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn9024_firmware qualcomm qcn9024 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn9070_firmware qualcomm qcn9070 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn9072_firmware qualcomm qcn9072 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn9074_firmware qualcomm qcn9074 firmware -
qualcomm:qcn9100_firmware qualcomm qcn9100 firmware -
qualcomm:qcs2290_firmware qualcomm qcs2290 firmware -
qualcomm:qcs4290_firmware qualcomm qcs4290 firmware -
qualcomm:qcs610_firmware qualcomm qcs610 firmware -
qualcomm:qcs6125_firmware qualcomm qcs6125 firmware -
qualcomm:qcs6490_firmware qualcomm qcs6490 firmware -
qualcomm:qcx315_firmware qualcomm qcx315 firmware -
qualcomm:qrb5165_firmware qualcomm qrb5165 firmware -
qualcomm:qrb5165m_firmware qualcomm qrb5165m firmware -
qualcomm:qrb5165n_firmware qualcomm qrb5165n firmware -
qualcomm:sa4150p_firmware qualcomm sa4150p firmware -
qualcomm:sa4155p_firmware qualcomm sa4155p firmware -
qualcomm:sa415m_firmware qualcomm sa415m firmware -
qualcomm:sa515m_firmware qualcomm sa515m firmware -
qualcomm:sa6145p_firmware qualcomm sa6145p firmware -
qualcomm:sa6150p_firmware qualcomm sa6150p firmware -
qualcomm:sa6155_firmware qualcomm sa6155 firmware -
qualcomm:sa6155p_firmware qualcomm sa6155p firmware -
qualcomm:sa8145p_firmware qualcomm sa8145p firmware -
qualcomm:sa8150p_firmware qualcomm sa8150p firmware -
qualcomm:sa8155_firmware qualcomm sa8155 firmware -
qualcomm:sa8155p_firmware qualcomm sa8155p firmware -
qualcomm:sa8195p_firmware qualcomm sa8195p firmware -
qualcomm:sa8295p_firmware qualcomm sa8295p firmware -
qualcomm:sd_8_gen1_5g_firmware qualcomm sd 8 gen1 5g firmware -
qualcomm:sd460_firmware qualcomm sd460 firmware -
qualcomm:sd480_firmware qualcomm sd480 firmware -
qualcomm:sd662_firmware qualcomm sd662 firmware -
qualcomm:sd765_firmware qualcomm sd765 firmware -
qualcomm:sd765g_firmware qualcomm sd765g firmware -
qualcomm:sd768g_firmware qualcomm sd768g firmware -
qualcomm:sd778g_firmware qualcomm sd778g firmware -
qualcomm:sd780g_firmware qualcomm sd780g firmware -
qualcomm:sd855_firmware qualcomm sd855 firmware -
qualcomm:sd865_5g_firmware qualcomm sd865 5g firmware -
qualcomm:sd870_firmware qualcomm sd870 firmware -
qualcomm:sd888_5g_firmware qualcomm sd888 5g firmware -
qualcomm:sdx55_firmware qualcomm sdx55 firmware -
qualcomm:sdx55m_firmware qualcomm sdx55m firmware -
qualcomm:sdx65_firmware qualcomm sdx65 firmware -
qualcomm:sdxr1_firmware qualcomm sdxr1 firmware -
qualcomm:sdxr2_5g_firmware qualcomm sdxr2 5g firmware -
qualcomm:sm6375_firmware qualcomm sm6375 firmware -
qualcomm:sm7250p_firmware qualcomm sm7250p firmware -
qualcomm:sm7325p_firmware qualcomm sm7325p firmware -
qualcomm:sw5100_firmware qualcomm sw5100 firmware -
qualcomm:sw5100p_firmware qualcomm sw5100p firmware -
qualcomm:wcd9326_firmware qualcomm wcd9326 firmware -
qualcomm:wcd9341_firmware qualcomm wcd9341 firmware -
qualcomm:wcd9360_firmware qualcomm wcd9360 firmware -
qualcomm:wcd9370_firmware qualcomm wcd9370 firmware -
qualcomm:wcd9375_firmware qualcomm wcd9375 firmware -
qualcomm:wcd9380_firmware qualcomm wcd9380 firmware -
qualcomm:wcd9385_firmware qualcomm wcd9385 firmware -
qualcomm:wcn3910_firmware qualcomm wcn3910 firmware -
qualcomm:wcn3950_firmware qualcomm wcn3950 firmware -
qualcomm:wcn3980_firmware qualcomm wcn3980 firmware -
qualcomm:wcn3988_firmware qualcomm wcn3988 firmware -
qualcomm:wcn3991_firmware qualcomm wcn3991 firmware -
qualcomm:wcn3998_firmware qualcomm wcn3998 firmware -
qualcomm:wcn6740_firmware qualcomm wcn6740 firmware -
qualcomm:wcn6750_firmware qualcomm wcn6750 firmware -
qualcomm:wcn6850_firmware qualcomm wcn6850 firmware -
qualcomm:wcn6851_firmware qualcomm wcn6851 firmware -
qualcomm:wcn6855_firmware qualcomm wcn6855 firmware -
qualcomm:wcn6856_firmware qualcomm wcn6856 firmware -
qualcomm:wsa8810_firmware qualcomm wsa8810 firmware -
qualcomm:wsa8815_firmware qualcomm wsa8815 firmware -
qualcomm:wsa8830_firmware qualcomm wsa8830 firmware -
qualcomm:wsa8835_firmware qualcomm wsa8835 firmware -