Observable discrepancy in the RAPL interface for some Intel(R) Processors may allow a privileged user to potentially enable information disclosure via local access.

Affected Software

CPE Name Name Version
intel:core_i7-8510y_firmware intel core i7-8510y firmware -
intel:core_i7-8500y_firmware intel core i7-8500y firmware -
intel:core_i5-8310y_firmware intel core i5-8310y firmware -
intel:core_i5-8210y_firmware intel core i5-8210y firmware -
intel:core_i5-8200y_firmware intel core i5-8200y firmware -
intel:core_m3-8100y_firmware intel core m3-8100y firmware -
intel:core_i7-7500u_firmware intel core i7-7500u firmware -
intel:core_i7-7510u_firmware intel core i7-7510u firmware -
intel:core_i7-7600u_firmware intel core i7-7600u firmware -
intel:core_i5-7200u_firmware intel core i5-7200u firmware -
intel:core_i5-7210u_firmware intel core i5-7210u firmware -
intel:core_i5-7300u_firmware intel core i5-7300u firmware -
intel:core_i5-7500u_firmware intel core i5-7500u firmware -
intel:core_i3-7007u_firmware intel core i3-7007u firmware -
intel:core_i3-7100u_firmware intel core i3-7100u firmware -
intel:core_i3-7110u_firmware intel core i3-7110u firmware -
intel:core_i3-7130u_firmware intel core i3-7130u firmware -
intel:pentium_4415u_firmware intel pentium 4415u firmware -
intel:celeron_3865u_firmware intel celeron 3865u firmware -
intel:celeron_3965u_firmware intel celeron 3965u firmware -
intel:core_i7-7560u_firmware intel core i7-7560u firmware -
intel:core_i7-7567u_firmware intel core i7-7567u firmware -
intel:core_i7-7660u_firmware intel core i7-7660u firmware -
intel:core_i5-7260u_firmware intel core i5-7260u firmware -
intel:core_i5-7267u_firmware intel core i5-7267u firmware -
intel:core_i5-7287u_firmware intel core i5-7287u firmware -
intel:core_i5-7360u_firmware intel core i5-7360u firmware -
intel:core_i3-7367u_firmware intel core i3-7367u firmware -
intel:core_i7-7y75_firmware intel core i7-7y75 firmware -
intel:core_i5-7y54_firmware intel core i5-7y54 firmware -
intel:core_i5-7y57_firmware intel core i5-7y57 firmware -
intel:core_m3-7y30_firmware intel core m3-7y30 firmware -
intel:pentium_4410y_firmware intel pentium 4410y firmware -
intel:pentium_4415y_firmware intel pentium 4415y firmware -
intel:celeron_3965y_firmware intel celeron 3965y firmware -
intel:core_i7-8565u_firmware intel core i7-8565u firmware -
intel:core_i7-8665u_firmware intel core i7-8665u firmware -
intel:core_i5-8365u_firmware intel core i5-8365u firmware -
intel:core_i5-8265u_firmware intel core i5-8265u firmware -
intel:core_i9-8950hk_firmware intel core i9-8950hk firmware -
intel:core_i7-8700b_firmware intel core i7-8700b firmware -
intel:core_i7-8750h_firmware intel core i7-8750h firmware -
intel:core_i7-8850h_firmware intel core i7-8850h firmware -
intel:core_i5-8300h_firmware intel core i5-8300h firmware -
intel:core_i5-8400b_firmware intel core i5-8400b firmware -
intel:core_i5-8400h_firmware intel core i5-8400h firmware -
intel:core_i5-8500b_firmware intel core i5-8500b firmware -
intel:core_i7-8670_firmware intel core i7-8670 firmware -
intel:core_i7-8670t_firmware intel core i7-8670t firmware -
intel:core_i7-8700_firmware intel core i7-8700 firmware -
intel:core_i7-8700t_firmware intel core i7-8700t firmware -
intel:core_i5-8400_firmware intel core i5-8400 firmware -
intel:core_i5-8400t_firmware intel core i5-8400t firmware -
intel:core_i5-8420_firmware intel core i5-8420 firmware -
intel:core_i5-8420t_firmware intel core i5-8420t firmware -
intel:core_i5-8500_firmware intel core i5-8500 firmware -
intel:core_i5-8500t_firmware intel core i5-8500t firmware -
intel:core_i5-8550_firmware intel core i5-8550 firmware -
intel:core_i5-8600_firmware intel core i5-8600 firmware -
intel:core_i5-8600t_firmware intel core i5-8600t firmware -
intel:core_i5-8650_firmware intel core i5-8650 firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2486g_firmware intel xeon e-2486g firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2176g_firmware intel xeon e-2176g firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2176m_firmware intel xeon e-2176m firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2146g_firmware intel xeon e-2146g firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2136_firmware intel xeon e-2136 firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2126g_firmware intel xeon e-2126g firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2174g_firmware intel xeon e-2174g firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2144g_firmware intel xeon e-2144g firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2134_firmware intel xeon e-2134 firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2124_firmware intel xeon e-2124 firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2124g_firmware intel xeon e-2124g firmware -
intel:core_i7-8700k_firmware intel core i7-8700k firmware -
intel:core_i5-8600k_firmware intel core i5-8600k firmware -
intel:core_i5-8650k_firmware intel core i5-8650k firmware -
intel:core_i9-9980hk_firmware intel core i9-9980hk firmware -
intel:core_i9-9880h_firmware intel core i9-9880h firmware -
intel:core_i7-9850h_firmware intel core i7-9850h firmware -
intel:core_i7-9750hf_firmware intel core i7-9750hf firmware -
intel:core_i5-9400h_firmware intel core i5-9400h firmware -
intel:core_i5-9300h_firmware intel core i5-9300h firmware -
intel:core_i9-9900k_firmware intel core i9-9900k firmware -
intel:core_i9-9900kf_firmware intel core i9-9900kf firmware -
intel:core_i7-9700k_firmware intel core i7-9700k firmware -
intel:core_i7-9700kf_firmware intel core i7-9700kf firmware -
intel:core_i5-9600k_firmware intel core i5-9600k firmware -
intel:core_i5-9600kf_firmware intel core i5-9600kf firmware -
intel:core_i5-9400_firmware intel core i5-9400 firmware -
intel:core_i5-9400f_firmware intel core i5-9400f firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2186g_firmware intel xeon e-2186g firmware -
intel:core_i7-8559u_firmware intel core i7-8559u firmware -
intel:core_i5-8259u_firmware intel core i5-8259u firmware -
intel:core_i5-8269u_firmware intel core i5-8269u firmware -
intel:core_i3-8109u_firmware intel core i3-8109u firmware -
intel:core_i7-8550u_firmware intel core i7-8550u firmware -
intel:core_i7-8650u_firmware intel core i7-8650u firmware -
intel:core_i5-8250u_firmware intel core i5-8250u firmware -
intel:core_i5-8350u_firmware intel core i5-8350u firmware -
intel:core_i3-7020u_firmware intel core i3-7020u firmware -
intel:core_i8130u_firmware intel core i8130u firmware -
intel:core_i3-8000_firmware intel core i3-8000 firmware -
intel:core_i3-8000t_firmware intel core i3-8000t firmware -
intel:core_i3-8020_firmware intel core i3-8020 firmware -
intel:core_i3-8100_firmware intel core i3-8100 firmware -
intel:core_i3-8100h_firmware intel core i3-8100h firmware -
intel:core_i3-8100t_firmware intel core i3-8100t firmware -
intel:core_i3-8120_firmware intel core i3-8120 firmware -
intel:core_i3-8300_firmware intel core i3-8300 firmware -
intel:core_i3-8300t_firmware intel core i3-8300t firmware -
intel:core_i8350k_firmware intel core i8350k firmware -
intel:pentium_gold_g5400_firmware intel pentium gold g5400 firmware -
intel:pentium_gold_g5400t_firmware intel pentium gold g5400t firmware -
intel:pentium_gold_g5420_firmware intel pentium gold g5420 firmware -
intel:pentium_gold_g5420t_firmware intel pentium gold g5420t firmware -
intel:pentium_gold_g5500_firmware intel pentium gold g5500 firmware -
intel:pentium_gold_g5500t_firmware intel pentium gold g5500t firmware -
intel:pentium_gold_g5600_firmware intel pentium gold g5600 firmware -
intel:celeron_g4900_firmware intel celeron g4900 firmware -
intel:celeron_g4900t_firmware intel celeron g4900t firmware -
intel:celeron_g4920_firmware intel celeron g4920 firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2288g_firmware intel xeon e-2288g firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2286m_firmware intel xeon e-2286m firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2278gel_firmware intel xeon e-2278gel firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2278ge_firmware intel xeon e-2278ge firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2278g_firmware intel xeon e-2278g firmware -
intel:core_i7-10710u_firmware intel core i7-10710u firmware -
intel:core_i7-10610u_firmware intel core i7-10610u firmware -
intel:core_i3-10100f_firmware intel core i3-10100f firmware -
intel:core_i9-10900_firmware intel core i9-10900 firmware -
intel:core_i7-10750h_firmware intel core i7-10750h firmware -
intel:pentium_silver_j5005_firmware intel pentium silver j5005 firmware -
intel:pentium_silver_n5000_firmware intel pentium silver n5000 firmware -
intel:celeron_j4005_firmware intel celeron j4005 firmware -
intel:celeron_j4105_firmware intel celeron j4105 firmware -
intel:celeron_n4000_firmware intel celeron n4000 firmware -
intel:celeron_n4100_firmware intel celeron n4100 firmware -
intel:pentium_silver_j5040_firmware intel pentium silver j5040 firmware -
intel:pentium_silver_n5030_firmware intel pentium silver n5030 firmware -
intel:celeron_j4125_firmware intel celeron j4125 firmware -
intel:celeron_j4025_firmware intel celeron j4025 firmware -
intel:celeron_n4020_firmware intel celeron n4020 firmware -
intel:celeron_n4120_firmware intel celeron n4120 firmware -
intel:core_i7-1060g7_firmware intel core i7-1060g7 firmware -
intel:core_i7-1065g7_firmware intel core i7-1065g7 firmware -
intel:core_i5-1030g4_firmware intel core i5-1030g4 firmware -
intel:core_i5-1030g7_firmware intel core i5-1030g7 firmware -
intel:core_i5-1035g1_firmware intel core i5-1035g1 firmware -
intel:core_i5-1035g4_firmware intel core i5-1035g4 firmware -
intel:core_i5-1035g7_firmware intel core i5-1035g7 firmware -
intel:core_i3-1000g1_firmware intel core i3-1000g1 firmware -
intel:core_i3-1000g4_firmware intel core i3-1000g4 firmware -
intel:core_i3-1005g1_firmware intel core i3-1005g1 firmware -
intel:core_i7-8705g_firmware intel core i7-8705g firmware -
intel:core_i7-8706g_firmware intel core i7-8706g firmware -
intel:core_i7-8709g_firmware intel core i7-8709g firmware -
intel:core_i7-8809g_firmware intel core i7-8809g firmware -
intel:core_i5-8305g_firmware intel core i5-8305g firmware -
intel:core_i7-7700hq_firmware intel core i7-7700hq firmware -
intel:core_i7-7820eq_firmware intel core i7-7820eq firmware -
intel:core_i7-7820hk_firmware intel core i7-7820hk firmware -
intel:core_i7-7820hq_firmware intel core i7-7820hq firmware -
intel:core_i7-7920hq_firmware intel core i7-7920hq firmware -
intel:core_i5-7300hq_firmware intel core i5-7300hq firmware -
intel:core_i5-7440eq_firmware intel core i5-7440eq firmware -
intel:core_i5-7440hq_firmware intel core i5-7440hq firmware -
intel:core_i5-7442eq_firmware intel core i5-7442eq firmware -
intel:core_i3-7100h_firmware intel core i3-7100h firmware -
intel:core_i7-7700_firmware intel core i7-7700 firmware -
intel:core_i7-7700k_firmware intel core i7-7700k firmware -
intel:core_i7-7700t_firmware intel core i7-7700t firmware -
intel:core_i5-7400_firmware intel core i5-7400 firmware -
intel:core_i5-7400t_firmware intel core i5-7400t firmware -
intel:core_i5-7500_firmware intel core i5-7500 firmware -
intel:core_i5-7500t_firmware intel core i5-7500t firmware -
intel:core_i5-7600_firmware intel core i5-7600 firmware -
intel:core_i5-7600k_firmware intel core i5-7600k firmware -
intel:core_i5-7600t_firmware intel core i5-7600t firmware -
intel:core_i3-7100e_firmware intel core i3-7100e firmware -
intel:core_i3-7101e_firmware intel core i3-7101e firmware -
intel:core_i3-7101te_firmware intel core i3-7101te firmware -
intel:core_i3-7102e_firmware intel core i3-7102e firmware -
intel:core_i3-7120_firmware intel core i3-7120 firmware -
intel:core_i3-7120t_firmware intel core i3-7120t firmware -
intel:core_i3-7320t_firmware intel core i3-7320t firmware -
intel:core_i3-7340_firmware intel core i3-7340 firmware -
intel:celeron_g3930e_firmware intel celeron g3930e firmware -
intel:celeron_g3930te_firmware intel celeron g3930te firmware -
intel:core_i7-7740x_firmware intel core i7-7740x firmware -
intel:core_i5-7640x_firmware intel core i5-7640x firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1220_firmware intel xeon e3-1220 firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1225_firmware intel xeon e3-1225 firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1230_firmware intel xeon e3-1230 firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1240_firmware intel xeon e3-1240 firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1245_firmware intel xeon e3-1245 firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1270_firmware intel xeon e3-1270 firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1275_firmware intel xeon e3-1275 firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1280_firmware intel xeon e3-1280 firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1501l_firmware intel xeon e3-1501l firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1501m_firmware intel xeon e3-1501m firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1505l_firmware intel xeon e3-1505l firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1505m_firmware intel xeon e3-1505m firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1535m_firmware intel xeon e3-1535m firmware -
intel:core_i7-6700hq_firmware intel core i7-6700hq firmware -
intel:core_i7-6770hq_firmware intel core i7-6770hq firmware -
intel:core_i7-6820hk_firmware intel core i7-6820hk firmware -
intel:core_i7-6820hq_firmware intel core i7-6820hq firmware -
intel:core_i7-6870hq_firmware intel core i7-6870hq firmware -
intel:core_i7-6920hq_firmware intel core i7-6920hq firmware -
intel:core_i7-6970hq_firmware intel core i7-6970hq firmware -
intel:core_i5-6300hq_firmware intel core i5-6300hq firmware -
intel:core_i5-6350hq_firmware intel core i5-6350hq firmware -
intel:core_i5-6440hq_firmware intel core i5-6440hq firmware -
intel:core_i3-6100h_firmware intel core i3-6100h firmware -
intel:core_i7-6700_firmware intel core i7-6700 firmware -
intel:core_i7-6700k_firmware intel core i7-6700k firmware -
intel:core_i7-6700t_firmware intel core i7-6700t firmware -
intel:core_i7-6700te_firmware intel core i7-6700te firmware -
intel:core_i7-6820eq_firmware intel core i7-6820eq firmware -
intel:core_i7-6822eq_firmware intel core i7-6822eq firmware -
intel:core_i5-6400_firmware intel core i5-6400 firmware -
intel:core_i5-6400t_firmware intel core i5-6400t firmware -
intel:core_i5-6440eq_firmware intel core i5-6440eq firmware -
intel:core_i5-6442eq_firmware intel core i5-6442eq firmware -
intel:core_i5-6500_firmware intel core i5-6500 firmware -
intel:core_i5-6500t_firmware intel core i5-6500t firmware -
intel:core_i5-6500te_firmware intel core i5-6500te firmware -
intel:core_i5-6600_firmware intel core i5-6600 firmware -
intel:core_i5-6600k_firmware intel core i5-6600k firmware -
intel:core_i5-6600t_firmware intel core i5-6600t firmware -
intel:core_i3-6100_firmware intel core i3-6100 firmware -
intel:core_i3-6100e_firmware intel core i3-6100e firmware -
intel:core_i3-6100t_firmware intel core i3-6100t firmware -
intel:core_i3-6100te_firmware intel core i3-6100te firmware -
intel:core_i3-6102e_firmware intel core i3-6102e firmware -
intel:core_i3-6120_firmware intel core i3-6120 firmware -
intel:core_i3-6120t_firmware intel core i3-6120t firmware -
intel:core_i3-6300_firmware intel core i3-6300 firmware -
intel:core_i3-6300t_firmware intel core i3-6300t firmware -
intel:core_i3-6320_firmware intel core i3-6320 firmware -
intel:core_i3-6320t_firmware intel core i3-6320t firmware -
intel:pentium_g4400_firmware intel pentium g4400 firmware -
intel:pentium_g4400t_firmware intel pentium g4400t firmware -
intel:pentium_g4400te_firmware intel pentium g4400te firmware -
intel:pentium_g4420_firmware intel pentium g4420 firmware -
intel:pentium_g4420t_firmware intel pentium g4420t firmware -
intel:pentium_g4500_firmware intel pentium g4500 firmware -
intel:pentium_g4500t_firmware intel pentium g4500t firmware -
intel:pentium_g4520_firmware intel pentium g4520 firmware -
intel:pentium_g4520t_firmware intel pentium g4520t firmware -
intel:pentium_g4540_firmware intel pentium g4540 firmware -
intel:celeron_g3900_firmware intel celeron g3900 firmware -
intel:celeron_g3900e_firmware intel celeron g3900e firmware -
intel:celeron_g3900t_firmware intel celeron g3900t firmware -
intel:celeron_g3900te_firmware intel celeron g3900te firmware -
intel:celeron_g3902e_firmware intel celeron g3902e firmware -
intel:celeron_g3920_firmware intel celeron g3920 firmware -
intel:celeron_g3920t_firmware intel celeron g3920t firmware -
intel:celeron_g3940_firmware intel celeron g3940 firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1235l_firmware intel xeon e3-1235l firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1240l_firmware intel xeon e3-1240l firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1260l_firmware intel xeon e3-1260l firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1268l_firmware intel xeon e3-1268l firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1515m_firmware intel xeon e3-1515m firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1545m_firmware intel xeon e3-1545m firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1558l_firmware intel xeon e3-1558l firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1565l_firmware intel xeon e3-1565l firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1575m_firmware intel xeon e3-1575m firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1578l_firmware intel xeon e3-1578l firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1585_firmware intel xeon e3-1585 firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1585l_firmware intel xeon e3-1585l firmware -
intel:core_i7-6500u_firmware intel core i7-6500u firmware -
intel:core_i7-6510u_firmware intel core i7-6510u firmware -
intel:core_i7-6600u_firmware intel core i7-6600u firmware -
intel:core_i5-6200u_firmware intel core i5-6200u firmware -
intel:core_i5-6210u_firmware intel core i5-6210u firmware -
intel:core_i5-6300u_firmware intel core i5-6300u firmware -
intel:core_i5-6310u_firmware intel core i5-6310u firmware -
intel:core_i3-6100u_firmware intel core i3-6100u firmware -
intel:core_i3-6110u_firmware intel core i3-6110u firmware -
intel:pentium_4405u_firmware intel pentium 4405u firmware -
intel:celeron_3855u_firmware intel celeron 3855u firmware -
intel:celeron_3955u_firmware intel celeron 3955u firmware -
intel:core_i7-6560u_firmware intel core i7-6560u firmware -
intel:core_i7-6567u_firmware intel core i7-6567u firmware -
intel:core_i7-6650u_firmware intel core i7-6650u firmware -
intel:core_i7-6660u_firmware intel core i7-6660u firmware -
intel:core_i5-6260u_firmware intel core i5-6260u firmware -
intel:core_i5-6267u_firmware intel core i5-6267u firmware -
intel:core_i5-6287u_firmware intel core i5-6287u firmware -
intel:core_i5-6360u_firmware intel core i5-6360u firmware -
intel:core_i3-6167u_firmware intel core i3-6167u firmware -
intel:core_m7-6y75_firmware intel core m7-6y75 firmware -
intel:core_m5-6y54_firmware intel core m5-6y54 firmware -
intel:core_m5-6y57_firmware intel core m5-6y57 firmware -
intel:core_m3-6y30_firmware intel core m3-6y30 firmware -
intel:pentium_4405y_firmware intel pentium 4405y firmware -
intel:core_i3-8145u_firmware intel core i3-8145u firmware -
intel:core_4205u_firmware intel core 4205u firmware -
intel:core_5405u_firmware intel core 5405u firmware -
fedoraproject:fedora fedoraproject fedora 31
fedoraproject:fedora fedoraproject fedora 32
fedoraproject:fedora fedoraproject fedora 33
debian:debian_linux debian debian linux 9.0