Incomplete cleanup in some Intel(R) VT-d products may allow an authenticated user to potentially enable escalation of privilege via local access.

Affected Software

CPE Name Name Version
intel:celeron_n2840 intel celeron n2840 -
intel:celeron_j4005 intel celeron j4005 -
intel:celeron_n4100 intel celeron n4100 -
intel:celeron_n4000 intel celeron n4000 -
intel:celeron_j4105 intel celeron j4105 -
intel:celeron_j3355 intel celeron j3355 -
intel:celeron_n3350 intel celeron n3350 -
intel:celeron_j3455 intel celeron j3455 -
intel:celeron_n3450 intel celeron n3450 -
intel:celeron_j3060 intel celeron j3060 -
intel:celeron_j3160 intel celeron j3160 -
intel:celeron_n3000 intel celeron n3000 -
intel:celeron_n2940 intel celeron n2940 -
intel:celeron_n2930 intel celeron n2930 -
intel:celeron_n2830 intel celeron n2830 -
intel:atom_x5-e3930 intel atom x5-e3930 -
intel:atom_x5-e3940 intel atom x5-e3940 -
intel:atom_x7-e3950 intel atom x7-e3950 -
intel:pentium_silver_j5005 intel pentium silver j5005 -
intel:pentium_silver_n5000 intel pentium silver n5000 -
intel:core_i3-10110u intel core i3-10110u -
intel:core_i3-10110y intel core i3-10110y -
intel:core_i3-1005g1 intel core i3-1005g1 -
intel:core_i5-10210u intel core i5-10210u -
intel:core_i5-10310y intel core i5-10310y -
intel:core_i5-10210y intel core i5-10210y -
intel:core_i5-1035g4 intel core i5-1035g4 -
intel:core_i5-1035g7 intel core i5-1035g7 -
intel:core_i5-1035g1 intel core i5-1035g1 -
intel:core_i7-10510u intel core i7-10510u -
intel:core_i7-10510y intel core i7-10510y -
intel:core_i7-10710u intel core i7-10710u -
intel:core_i7-1065g7 intel core i7-1065g7 -
intel:pentium_silver_j5040 intel pentium silver j5040 -
intel:pentium_silver_n5030 intel pentium silver n5030 -
intel:pentium_j4205 intel pentium j4205 -
intel:pentium_j3710 intel pentium j3710 -
intel:pentium_n3540 intel pentium n3540 -
intel:pentium_n3530 intel pentium n3530 -
intel:celeron_j4125 intel celeron j4125 -
intel:celeron_j4025 intel celeron j4025 -
intel:celeron_j3355e intel celeron j3355e -
intel:celeron_j1900 intel celeron j1900 -
intel:celeron_j1850 intel celeron j1850 -
intel:celeron_j1800 intel celeron j1800 -
intel:celeron_j1750 intel celeron j1750 -
intel:celeron_n4120 intel celeron n4120 -
intel:celeron_n4020 intel celeron n4020 -
intel:celeron_n3350e intel celeron n3350e -
intel:celeron_n3160 intel celeron n3160 -
intel:celeron_n3150 intel celeron n3150 -
intel:celeron_n3060 intel celeron n3060 -
intel:celeron_n3050 intel celeron n3050 -
intel:celeron_n3010 intel celeron n3010 -
intel:celeron_n2920 intel celeron n2920 -
intel:celeron_n2910 intel celeron n2910 -
intel:celeron_n2820 intel celeron n2820 -
intel:celeron_n2815 intel celeron n2815 -
intel:celeron_n2810 intel celeron n2810 -
intel:celeron_n2808 intel celeron n2808 -
intel:celeron_n2807 intel celeron n2807 -
intel:celeron_n2806 intel celeron n2806 -
intel:celeron_n2805 intel celeron n2805 -
intel:pentium_n4200 intel pentium n4200 -
intel:core_i5-1030g7 intel core i5-1030g7 -
intel:core_i5-1030g4 intel core i5-1030g4 -
intel:core_i3-1000g4 intel core i3-1000g4 -
intel:core_i3-1000g1 intel core i3-1000g1 -
intel:core_i7-1060g7 intel core i7-1060g7 -
intel:pentium_j2900 intel pentium j2900 -
intel:pentium_j2850 intel pentium j2850 -
intel:pentium_n3520 intel pentium n3520 -
intel:pentium_n3510 intel pentium n3510 -
intel:core_i7-10875h intel core i7-10875h -
intel:core_i7-10850h intel core i7-10850h -
intel:core_i7-10810u intel core i7-10810u -
intel:core_i7-10750h intel core i7-10750h -
intel:core_i7-10700te intel core i7-10700te -
intel:core_i7-10700t intel core i7-10700t -
intel:core_i7-10700kf intel core i7-10700kf -
intel:core_i7-10700k intel core i7-10700k -
intel:core_i7-10700f intel core i7-10700f -
intel:core_i7-10700e intel core i7-10700e -
intel:core_i7-10700 intel core i7-10700 -
intel:core_i7-10610u intel core i7-10610u -
intel:core_i7-1068ng7 intel core i7-1068ng7 -
intel:core_i7-10870h intel core i7-10870h -
intel:core_i9-10980hk intel core i9-10980hk -
intel:core_i9-10900te intel core i9-10900te -
intel:core_i9-10900t intel core i9-10900t -
intel:core_i9-10900kf intel core i9-10900kf -
intel:core_i9-10900k intel core i9-10900k -
intel:core_i9-10900f intel core i9-10900f -
intel:core_i9-10900e intel core i9-10900e -
intel:core_i9-10900 intel core i9-10900 -
intel:core_i9-10850k intel core i9-10850k -
intel:core_i5-10600t intel core i5-10600t -
intel:core_i5-10600kf intel core i5-10600kf -
intel:core_i5-10600k intel core i5-10600k -
intel:core_i5-10600 intel core i5-10600 -
intel:core_i5-10500te intel core i5-10500te -
intel:core_i5-10500t intel core i5-10500t -
intel:core_i5-10500e intel core i5-10500e -
intel:core_i5-10500 intel core i5-10500 -
intel:core_i5-10400t intel core i5-10400t -
intel:core_i5-10400h intel core i5-10400h -
intel:core_i5-10400f intel core i5-10400f -
intel:core_i5-10400 intel core i5-10400 -
intel:core_i5-1038ng7 intel core i5-1038ng7 -
intel:core_i5-10310u intel core i5-10310u -
intel:core_i5-10300h intel core i5-10300h -
intel:core_i5-10200h intel core i5-10200h -
intel:core_i3-10320 intel core i3-10320 -
intel:core_i3-10300t intel core i3-10300t -
intel:core_i3-10300 intel core i3-10300 -
intel:core_i3-10100te intel core i3-10100te -
intel:core_i3-10100t intel core i3-10100t -
intel:core_i3-10100f intel core i3-10100f -
intel:core_i3-10100e intel core i3-10100e -
intel:core_i3-10100 intel core i3-10100 -
intel:core_i9-10885h intel core i9-10885h -
intel:core_i5-l16g7 intel core i5-l16g7 -
intel:core_i3-l13g4 intel core i3-l13g4 -
intel:core_i7-1185g7 intel core i7-1185g7 -
intel:core_i7-1165g7 intel core i7-1165g7 -
intel:core_i5-1135g7 intel core i5-1135g7 -
intel:core_i3-1115g4 intel core i3-1115g4 -
intel:core_i3-1125g4 intel core i3-1125g4 -
intel:core_i7-1160g7 intel core i7-1160g7 -
intel:core_i5-1130g7 intel core i5-1130g7 -
intel:core_i3-1120g4 intel core i3-1120g4 -
intel:core_i3-1110g4 intel core i3-1110g4 -
intel:pentium_n6415 intel pentium n6415 -
intel:pentium_n4200e intel pentium n4200e -
intel:pentium_n3700 intel pentium n3700 -
intel:pentium_n3710 intel pentium n3710 -
intel:celeron_j6413 intel celeron j6413 -
intel:celeron_j3455e intel celeron j3455e -
intel:celeron_n6211 intel celeron n6211 -
intel:core_i7-11700b intel core i7-11700b -
intel:core_i7-11370h intel core i7-11370h -
intel:core_i7-11375h intel core i7-11375h -
intel:core_i7-1185g7e intel core i7-1185g7e -
intel:core_i7-1185gre intel core i7-1185gre -
intel:core_i7-1180g7 intel core i7-1180g7 -
intel:core_i7-11700k intel core i7-11700k -
intel:core_i7-11700kf intel core i7-11700kf -
intel:core_i7-11700t intel core i7-11700t -
intel:core_i7-11700 intel core i7-11700 -
intel:core_i7-11700f intel core i7-11700f -
intel:core_i7-11850h intel core i7-11850h -
intel:core_i7-11800h intel core i7-11800h -
intel:core_i7-1195g7 intel core i7-1195g7 -
intel:core_i7-1060ng7 intel core i7-1060ng7 -
intel:pentium_j6426 intel pentium j6426 -
intel:celeron_j4115 intel celeron j4115 -
intel:celeron_j6412 intel celeron j6412 -
intel:celeron_n4000c intel celeron n4000c -
intel:celeron_n4020c intel celeron n4020c -
intel:celeron_n4500 intel celeron n4500 -
intel:celeron_n4505 intel celeron n4505 -
intel:celeron_n5095 intel celeron n5095 -
intel:celeron_n5100 intel celeron n5100 -
intel:celeron_n5105 intel celeron n5105 -
intel:celeron_n6210 intel celeron n6210 -
intel:pentium_silver_a1030 intel pentium silver a1030 -
intel:pentium_silver_n6005 intel pentium silver n6005 -
intel:pentium_silver_n6000 intel pentium silver n6000 -
intel:core_i3-1115gre intel core i3-1115gre -
intel:core_i3-1115g4e intel core i3-1115g4e -
intel:core_i3-11100b intel core i3-11100b -
intel:core_i3-1000ng4 intel core i3-1000ng4 -
intel:core_i3-10105t intel core i3-10105t -
intel:core_i3-10305 intel core i3-10305 -
intel:core_i3-10325 intel core i3-10325 -
intel:core_i3-10100y intel core i3-10100y -
intel:core_i3-10105 intel core i3-10105 -
intel:core_i3-10105f intel core i3-10105f -
intel:core_i3-10305t intel core i3-10305t -
intel:core_i7-11390h intel core i7-11390h -
intel:core_i5-1030ng7 intel core i5-1030ng7 -
intel:core_i5-10500h intel core i5-10500h -
intel:core_i5-10505 intel core i5-10505 -
intel:core_i5-11500b intel core i5-11500b -
intel:core_i5-11300h intel core i5-11300h -
intel:core_i5-1145g7e intel core i5-1145g7e -
intel:core_i5-1145gre intel core i5-1145gre -
intel:core_i5-11400 intel core i5-11400 -
intel:core_i5-11400f intel core i5-11400f -
intel:core_i5-11400t intel core i5-11400t -
intel:core_i5-1140g7 intel core i5-1140g7 -
intel:core_i5-1145g7 intel core i5-1145g7 -
intel:core_i5-11500t intel core i5-11500t -
intel:core_i5-11600 intel core i5-11600 -
intel:core_i5-11600k intel core i5-11600k -
intel:core_i5-11260h intel core i5-11260h -
intel:core_i5-11320h intel core i5-11320h -
intel:core_i5-11400h intel core i5-11400h -
intel:core_i5-11500 intel core i5-11500 -
intel:core_i5-11500h intel core i5-11500h -
intel:core_i5-1155g7 intel core i5-1155g7 -
intel:core_i5-11600kf intel core i5-11600kf -
intel:core_i5-11600t intel core i5-11600t -
intel:core_i9-10910 intel core i9-10910 -
intel:core_i9-11900 intel core i9-11900 -
intel:core_i9-11900f intel core i9-11900f -
intel:core_i9-11900k intel core i9-11900k -
intel:core_i9-11900kf intel core i9-11900kf -
intel:core_i9-11900t intel core i9-11900t -
intel:core_i9-11950h intel core i9-11950h -
intel:core_i9-11900h intel core i9-11900h -
intel:core_i9-11900kb intel core i9-11900kb -
intel:core_i9-11980hk intel core i9-11980hk -
debian:debian_linux debian debian linux 9.0
debian:debian_linux debian debian linux 10.0