A flaw was found in the Linux kernel's implementation of Userspace core dumps. This flaw allows an attacker with a local account to crash a trivial program and exfiltrate private kernel data.

Affected Software

CPE Name Name Version
linux:linux_kernel linux linux kernel 5.6.16
linux:linux_kernel linux linux kernel 5.4.44
linux:linux_kernel linux linux kernel 4.9.226
linux:linux_kernel linux linux kernel 4.4.226
linux:linux_kernel linux linux kernel 4.19.126
linux:linux_kernel linux linux kernel 4.14.183
linux:linux_kernel linux linux kernel 3.16.85
opensuse:leap opensuse leap 15.1
opensuse:leap opensuse leap 15.2
canonical:ubuntu_linux canonical ubuntu linux 18.04
canonical:ubuntu_linux canonical ubuntu linux 14.04
canonical:ubuntu_linux canonical ubuntu linux 20.04
canonical:ubuntu_linux canonical ubuntu linux 16.04
netapp:steelstore_cloud_integrated_storage netapp steelstore cloud integrated storage -
netapp:active_iq_unified_manager netapp active iq unified manager *
netapp:solidfire netapp solidfire -
netapp:hci_management_node netapp hci management node -
netapp:aff_a700_firmware netapp aff a700 firmware -
netapp:h410c_firmware netapp h410c firmware -
netapp:h300s_firmware netapp h300s firmware -
netapp:h500s_firmware netapp h500s firmware -
netapp:h700s_firmware netapp h700s firmware -
netapp:h300e_firmware netapp h300e firmware -
netapp:h500e_firmware netapp h500e firmware -
netapp:h700e_firmware netapp h700e firmware -
netapp:h410s_firmware netapp h410s firmware -
netapp:aff_8300_firmware netapp aff 8300 firmware -
netapp:aff_8700_firmware netapp aff 8700 firmware -
netapp:aff_a400_firmware netapp aff a400 firmware -