TSX Asynchronous Abort condition on some CPUs utilizing speculative execution may allow an authenticated user to potentially enable information disclosure via a side channel with local access.

Affected Software

CPE Name Name Version
opensuse:leap opensuse leap 15.0
opensuse:leap opensuse leap 15.1
fedoraproject:fedora fedoraproject fedora 30
fedoraproject:fedora fedoraproject fedora 31
slackware:slackware slackware 14.2
hp:apollo_4200_firmware hp apollo 4200 firmware 2.20
hp:apollo_2000_firmware hp apollo 2000 firmware 2.20
hp:proliant_bl460c_firmware hp proliant bl460c firmware 2.20
hp:proliant_dl580_firmware hp proliant dl580 firmware 2.20
hp:proliant_dl560_firmware hp proliant dl560 firmware 2.20
hp:proliant_dl380_firmware hp proliant dl380 firmware 2.20
hp:proliant_dl360_firmware hp proliant dl360 firmware 2.20
hp:proliant_dl180_firmware hp proliant dl180 firmware 2.20
hp:proliant_dl160_firmware hp proliant dl160 firmware 2.20
hp:proliant_dl120_firmware hp proliant dl120 firmware 2.20
hp:proliant_dl20_firmware hp proliant dl20 firmware 2.10
hp:proliant_ml350_firmware hp proliant ml350 firmware 2.20
hp:proliant_ml110_firmware hp proliant ml110 firmware 2.20
hp:proliant_ml30_firmware hp proliant ml30 firmware 2.10
hp:proliant_xl450_firmware hp proliant xl450 firmware 2.20
hp:proliant_xl270d_firmware hp proliant xl270d firmware 2.20
hp:proliant_xl230k_firmware hp proliant xl230k firmware 2.20
hp:proliant_xl190r_firmware hp proliant xl190r firmware 2.20
hp:proliant_xl170r_firmware hp proliant xl170r firmware 2.20
hp:synergy_480_firmware hp synergy 480 firmware 2.20
hp:synergy_660_firmware hp synergy 660 firmware 2.20
hp:proliant_e910_firmware hp proliant e910 firmware 2.20
intel:core_i7-10510y_firmware intel core i7-10510y firmware -
intel:core_i5-10310y_firmware intel core i5-10310y firmware -
intel:core_i5-10210y_firmware intel core i5-10210y firmware -
intel:core_i5-10110y_firmware intel core i5-10110y firmware -
intel:core_i7-8500y_firmware intel core i7-8500y firmware -
intel:core_i5-8310y_firmware intel core i5-8310y firmware -
intel:core_i5-8210y_firmware intel core i5-8210y firmware -
intel:core_i5-8200y_firmware intel core i5-8200y firmware -
intel:core_m3-8100y_firmware intel core m3-8100y firmware -
intel:xeon_8253_firmware intel xeon 8253 firmware -
intel:xeon_8256_firmware intel xeon 8256 firmware -
intel:xeon_8260_firmware intel xeon 8260 firmware -
intel:xeon_8260l_firmware intel xeon 8260l firmware -
intel:xeon_8260m_firmware intel xeon 8260m firmware -
intel:xeon_8260y_firmware intel xeon 8260y firmware -
intel:xeon_8268_firmware intel xeon 8268 firmware -
intel:xeon_8270_firmware intel xeon 8270 firmware -
intel:xeon_8276_firmware intel xeon 8276 firmware -
intel:xeon_8276l_firmware intel xeon 8276l firmware -
intel:xeon_8276m_firmware intel xeon 8276m firmware -
intel:xeon_8280_firmware intel xeon 8280 firmware -
intel:xeon_8280l_firmware intel xeon 8280l firmware -
intel:xeon_8280m_firmware intel xeon 8280m firmware -
intel:xeon_9220_firmware intel xeon 9220 firmware -
intel:xeon_9221_firmware intel xeon 9221 firmware -
intel:xeon_9222_firmware intel xeon 9222 firmware -
intel:xeon_9242_firmware intel xeon 9242 firmware -
intel:xeon_9282_firmware intel xeon 9282 firmware -
intel:xeon_5215_firmware intel xeon 5215 firmware -
intel:xeon_5215l_firmware intel xeon 5215l firmware -
intel:xeon_5215m_firmware intel xeon 5215m firmware -
intel:xeon_5215r_firmware intel xeon 5215r firmware -
intel:xeon_5217_firmware intel xeon 5217 firmware -
intel:xeon_5218_firmware intel xeon 5218 firmware -
intel:xeon_5218b_firmware intel xeon 5218b firmware -
intel:xeon_5218n_firmware intel xeon 5218n firmware -
intel:xeon_5218t_firmware intel xeon 5218t firmware -
intel:xeon_5220_firmware intel xeon 5220 firmware -
intel:xeon_5220r_firmware intel xeon 5220r firmware -
intel:xeon_5220s_firmware intel xeon 5220s firmware -
intel:xeon_5220t_firmware intel xeon 5220t firmware -
intel:xeon_5222_firmware intel xeon 5222 firmware -
intel:xeon_6222v_firmware intel xeon 6222v firmware -
intel:xeon_6226_firmware intel xeon 6226 firmware -
intel:xeon_6230_firmware intel xeon 6230 firmware -
intel:xeon_6230n_firmware intel xeon 6230n firmware -
intel:xeon_6230t_firmware intel xeon 6230t firmware -
intel:xeon_6234_firmware intel xeon 6234 firmware -
intel:xeon_6238_firmware intel xeon 6238 firmware -
intel:xeon_6238l_firmware intel xeon 6238l firmware -
intel:xeon_6238m_firmware intel xeon 6238m firmware -
intel:xeon_6238t_firmware intel xeon 6238t firmware -
intel:xeon_6240_firmware intel xeon 6240 firmware -
intel:xeon_6240l_firmware intel xeon 6240l firmware -
intel:xeon_6240m_firmware intel xeon 6240m firmware -
intel:xeon_6240y_firmware intel xeon 6240y firmware -
intel:xeon_6242_firmware intel xeon 6242 firmware -
intel:xeon_6244_firmware intel xeon 6244 firmware -
intel:xeon_6246_firmware intel xeon 6246 firmware -
intel:xeon_6248_firmware intel xeon 6248 firmware -
intel:xeon_6252_firmware intel xeon 6252 firmware -
intel:xeon_6252n_firmware intel xeon 6252n firmware -
intel:xeon_6254_firmware intel xeon 6254 firmware -
intel:xeon_6262v_firmware intel xeon 6262v firmware -
intel:xeon_4208_firmware intel xeon 4208 firmware -
intel:xeon_4208r_firmware intel xeon 4208r firmware -
intel:xeon_4209t_firmware intel xeon 4209t firmware -
intel:xeon_4210_firmware intel xeon 4210 firmware -
intel:xeon_4210r_firmware intel xeon 4210r firmware -
intel:xeon_4214_firmware intel xeon 4214 firmware -
intel:xeon_4214c_firmware intel xeon 4214c firmware -
intel:xeon_4214r_firmware intel xeon 4214r firmware -
intel:xeon_4214y_firmware intel xeon 4214y firmware -
intel:xeon_4215_firmware intel xeon 4215 firmware -
intel:xeon_4216_firmware intel xeon 4216 firmware -
intel:xeon_4216r_firmware intel xeon 4216r firmware -
intel:xeon_3204_firmware intel xeon 3204 firmware -
intel:xeon_3206r_firmware intel xeon 3206r firmware -
intel:xeon_w-3275m_firmware intel xeon w-3275m firmware -
intel:xeon_w-3275_firmware intel xeon w-3275 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-3265m_firmware intel xeon w-3265m firmware -
intel:xeon_w-3265_firmware intel xeon w-3265 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-3245m_firmware intel xeon w-3245m firmware -
intel:xeon_w-3245_firmware intel xeon w-3245 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-3235_firmware intel xeon w-3235 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-3225_firmware intel xeon w-3225 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-3223_firmware intel xeon w-3223 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-2295_firmware intel xeon w-2295 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-2275_firmware intel xeon w-2275 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-2265_firmware intel xeon w-2265 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-2255_firmware intel xeon w-2255 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-2245_firmware intel xeon w-2245 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-2235_firmware intel xeon w-2235 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-2225_firmware intel xeon w-2225 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-2223_firmware intel xeon w-2223 firmware -
intel:core_i9-9980hk_firmware intel core i9-9980hk firmware -
intel:core_i9-9880h_firmware intel core i9-9880h firmware -
intel:core_i7-9850h_firmware intel core i7-9850h firmware -
intel:core_i7-9750hf_firmware intel core i7-9750hf firmware -
intel:core_i5-9400h_firmware intel core i5-9400h firmware -
intel:core_i5-9300h_firmware intel core i5-9300h firmware -
intel:core_i9-9900k_firmware intel core i9-9900k firmware -
intel:core_i9-9900kf_firmware intel core i9-9900kf firmware -
intel:core_i7-9700k_firmware intel core i7-9700k firmware -
intel:core_i7-9700kf_firmware intel core i7-9700kf firmware -
intel:core_i5-9600k_firmware intel core i5-9600k firmware -
intel:core_i5-9600kf_firmware intel core i5-9600kf firmware -
intel:core_i5-9400_firmware intel core i5-9400 firmware -
intel:core_i5-9400f_firmware intel core i5-9400f firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2288g_firmware intel xeon e-2288g firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2286m_firmware intel xeon e-2286m firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2278gel_firmware intel xeon e-2278gel firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2278ge_firmware intel xeon e-2278ge firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2278g_firmware intel xeon e-2278g firmware -
intel:core_i7-10510u_firmware intel core i7-10510u firmware -
intel:core_i5-10210u_firmware intel core i5-10210u firmware -
intel:pentium_6405u_firmware intel pentium 6405u firmware -
intel:celeron_5305u_firmware intel celeron 5305u firmware -
intel:core_i7-8565u_firmware intel core i7-8565u firmware -
intel:core_i7-8665u_firmware intel core i7-8665u firmware -
intel:core_i5-8365u_firmware intel core i5-8365u firmware -
intel:core_i5-8265u_firmware intel core i5-8265u firmware -
canonical:ubuntu_linux canonical ubuntu linux 14.04
debian:debian_linux debian debian linux 8.0
debian:debian_linux debian debian linux 9.0
debian:debian_linux debian debian linux 10.0
redhat:enterprise_linux_desktop redhat enterprise linux desktop 7.0
redhat:enterprise_linux_workstation redhat enterprise linux workstation 7.0
redhat:enterprise_linux_server redhat enterprise linux server 7.0
redhat:enterprise_linux_server_tus redhat enterprise linux server tus 7.6
redhat:enterprise_linux_server_aus redhat enterprise linux server aus 7.6
redhat:enterprise_linux_eus redhat enterprise linux eus 7.6
redhat:enterprise_linux redhat enterprise linux 8.0
redhat:enterprise_linux_server_aus redhat enterprise linux server aus 7.7
redhat:enterprise_linux_server_tus redhat enterprise linux server tus 7.7
redhat:enterprise_linux_eus redhat enterprise linux eus 7.7
redhat:enterprise_linux_eus redhat enterprise linux eus 8.1
redhat:enterprise_linux_eus redhat enterprise linux eus 8.2
redhat:enterprise_linux_server_tus redhat enterprise linux server tus 8.2
redhat:enterprise_linux_server_aus redhat enterprise linux server aus 8.2
redhat:virtualization_manager redhat virtualization manager 4.2
redhat:enterprise_linux_server_tus redhat enterprise linux server tus 8.4
redhat:enterprise_linux_eus redhat enterprise linux eus 8.4
redhat:enterprise_linux_server_aus redhat enterprise linux server aus 8.4
redhat:codeready_linux_builder redhat codeready linux builder 8.0
redhat:codeready_linux_builder_eus redhat codeready linux builder eus 8.1
redhat:codeready_linux_builder_eus redhat codeready linux builder eus 8.2
redhat:codeready_linux_builder_eus redhat codeready linux builder eus 8.4
redhat:enterprise_linux_server_aus redhat enterprise linux server aus 8.6
redhat:enterprise_linux_server_tus redhat enterprise linux server tus 8.6
redhat:enterprise_linux_eus redhat enterprise linux eus 8.6
redhat:codeready_linux_builder_eus redhat codeready linux builder eus 8.6
oracle:zfs_storage_appliance_kit oracle zfs storage appliance kit 8.8