ID CVE-2019-10999
Type cve
Modified 2019-05-07T17:37:00


The D-Link DCS series of Wi-Fi cameras contains a stack-based buffer overflow in alphapd, the camera's web server. The overflow allows a remotely authenticated attacker to execute arbitrary code by providing a long string in the WEPEncryption parameter when requesting wireless.htm. Vulnerable devices include DCS-5009L (1.08.11 and below), DCS-5010L (1.14.09 and below), DCS-5020L (1.15.12 and below), DCS-5025L (1.03.07 and below), DCS-5030L (1.04.10 and below), DCS-930L (2.16.01 and below), DCS-931L (1.14.11 and below), DCS-932L (2.17.01 and below), DCS-933L (1.14.11 and below), and DCS-934L (1.05.04 and below).