Insufficient access control in subsystem for Intel (R) processor graphics in 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) Processor Families; Intel(R) Pentium(R) Processor J, N, Silver and Gold Series; Intel(R) Celeron(R) Processor J, N, G3900 and G4900 Series; Intel(R) Atom(R) Processor A and E3900 Series; Intel(R) Xeon(R) Processor E3-1500 v5 and v6 and E-2100 Processor Families may allow an authenticated user to potentially enable denial of service via local access.

Affected Software

CPE Name Name Version
canonical:ubuntu_linux canonical ubuntu linux 14.04
intel:pentium_j4205_firmware intel pentium j4205 firmware
intel:pentium_n4200_firmware intel pentium n4200 firmware
intel:celeron_j3355_firmware intel celeron j3355 firmware
intel:celeron_j3455_firmware intel celeron j3455 firmware
intel:celeron_n3350_firmware intel celeron n3350 firmware
intel:celeron_n3450_firmware intel celeron n3450 firmware
intel:atom_x5-a3930_firmware intel atom x5-a3930 firmware
intel:atom_x5-a3940_firmware intel atom x5-a3940 firmware
intel:atom_x7-a3950_firmware intel atom x7-a3950 firmware
intel:pentium_silver_j5005_firmware intel pentium silver j5005 firmware
intel:pentium_silver_n5000_firmware intel pentium silver n5000 firmware
intel:celeron_j4005_firmware intel celeron j4005 firmware
intel:celeron_j4105_firmware intel celeron j4105 firmware
intel:celeron_n4000_firmware intel celeron n4000 firmware
intel:celeron_n4100_firmware intel celeron n4100 firmware
intel:core_i7-6970hq_firmware intel core i7-6970hq firmware
intel:core_i7-6920hq_firmware intel core i7-6920hq firmware
intel:core_i7-6870hq_firmware intel core i7-6870hq firmware
intel:core_i7-6822eq_firmware intel core i7-6822eq firmware
intel:core_i7-6820hq_firmware intel core i7-6820hq firmware
intel:core_i7-6820hk_firmware intel core i7-6820hk firmware
intel:core_i7-6820eq_firmware intel core i7-6820eq firmware
intel:core_i7-6785r_firmware intel core i7-6785r firmware
intel:core_i7-6700k_firmware intel core i7-6700k firmware
intel:core_i7-6700t_firmware intel core i7-6700t firmware
intel:core_i7-6700te_firmware intel core i7-6700te firmware
intel:core_i7-6700_firmware intel core i7-6700 firmware
intel:core_i7-6770hq_firmware intel core i7-6770hq firmware
intel:core_i7-6700hq_firmware intel core i7-6700hq firmware
intel:core_i7-6660u_firmware intel core i7-6660u firmware
intel:core_i7-6650u_firmware intel core i7-6650u firmware
intel:core_i7-6600u_firmware intel core i7-6600u firmware
intel:core_i7-6567u_firmware intel core i7-6567u firmware
intel:core_i7-6560u_firmware intel core i7-6560u firmware
intel:core_i7-6500u_firmware intel core i7-6500u firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1585_v5_firmware intel xeon e3-1585 v5 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1585l_v5_firmware intel xeon e3-1585l v5 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1578l_v5_firmware intel xeon e3-1578l v5 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1575m_v5_firmware intel xeon e3-1575m v5 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1565l_v5_firmware intel xeon e3-1565l v5 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1558l_v5_firmware intel xeon e3-1558l v5 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1545m_v5_firmware intel xeon e3-1545m v5 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1535m_v5_firmware intel xeon e3-1535m v5 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1515m_v5_firmware intel xeon e3-1515m v5 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1505m_v5_firmware intel xeon e3-1505m v5 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1505m_v5_firmware intel xeon e3-1505m v5 firmware -
intel:xeon_e3-1505l_v5_firmware intel xeon e3-1505l v5 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1280_v5_firmware intel xeon e3-1280 v5 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1275_v5_firmware intel xeon e3-1275 v5 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1270_v5_firmware intel xeon e3-1270 v5 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1268l_v5_firmware intel xeon e3-1268l v5 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1260l_v5_firmware intel xeon e3-1260l v5 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1245_v5_firmware intel xeon e3-1245 v5 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1240l_v5_firmware intel xeon e3-1240l v5 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1240_v5_firmware intel xeon e3-1240 v5 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1235l_v5_firmware intel xeon e3-1235l v5 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1230_v5_firmware intel xeon e3-1230 v5 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1225_v5_firmware intel xeon e3-1225 v5 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1220_v5_firmware intel xeon e3-1220 v5 firmware
intel:core_i7-7920hq_firmware intel core i7-7920hq firmware
intel:core_i7-7820hq_firmware intel core i7-7820hq firmware
intel:core_i7-7820hk_firmware intel core i7-7820hk firmware
intel:core_i7-7820eq_firmware intel core i7-7820eq firmware
intel:core_i7-7700hq_firmware intel core i7-7700hq firmware
intel:core_i7-7700_firmware intel core i7-7700 firmware
intel:core_i7-7700k_firmware intel core i7-7700k firmware
intel:core_i7-7700t_firmware intel core i7-7700t firmware
intel:core_i7-7660u_firmware intel core i7-7660u firmware
intel:core_i7-7600u_firmware intel core i7-7600u firmware
intel:core_i7-7567u_firmware intel core i7-7567u firmware
intel:core_i7-7560u_firmware intel core i7-7560u firmware
intel:core_i7-7500u_firmware intel core i7-7500u firmware
intel:core_i7-7y75_firmware intel core i7-7y75 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1535m_v6_firmware intel xeon e3-1535m v6 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1505m_v6_firmware intel xeon e3-1505m v6 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1505l_v6_firmware intel xeon e3-1505l v6 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1501l_v6_firmware intel xeon e3-1501l v6 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1501m_v6_firmware intel xeon e3-1501m v6 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1285_v6_firmware intel xeon e3-1285 v6 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1280_v6_firmware intel xeon e3-1280 v6 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1275_v6_firmware intel xeon e3-1275 v6 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1270_v6_firmware intel xeon e3-1270 v6 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1245_v6_firmware intel xeon e3-1245 v6 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1240_v6_firmware intel xeon e3-1240 v6 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1230_v6_firmware intel xeon e3-1230 v6 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1225_v6_firmware intel xeon e3-1225 v6 firmware
intel:xeon_e3-1220_v6_firmware intel xeon e3-1220 v6 firmware
intel:core_i7-8665ue_firmware intel core i7-8665ue firmware
intel:core_i7-8665u_firmware intel core i7-8665u firmware
intel:core_i7-8557u_firmware intel core i7-8557u firmware
intel:core_i7-8850h_firmware intel core i7-8850h firmware
intel:core_i7-8809g_firmware intel core i7-8809g firmware
intel:core_i7-8750h_firmware intel core i7-8750h firmware
intel:core_i7-8709g_firmware intel core i7-8709g firmware
intel:core_i7-8706g_firmware intel core i7-8706g firmware
intel:core_i7-8705g_firmware intel core i7-8705g firmware
intel:core_i7-8700t_firmware intel core i7-8700t firmware
intel:core_i7-8700k_firmware intel core i7-8700k firmware
intel:core_i7-8700b_firmware intel core i7-8700b firmware
intel:core_i7-8700_firmware intel core i7-8700 firmware
intel:core_i7\+8700_firmware intel core i7\+8700 firmware
intel:core_i7-8569u_firmware intel core i7-8569u firmware
intel:core_i7-8650u_firmware intel core i7-8650u firmware
intel:core_i7-8565u_firmware intel core i7-8565u firmware
intel:core_i7-8559u_firmware intel core i7-8559u firmware
intel:core_i7-8550u_firmware intel core i7-8550u firmware
intel:core_i7-8500y_firmware intel core i7-8500y firmware
intel:core_i7-8086k_firmware intel core i7-8086k firmware
intel:core_i9-9980hk_firmware intel core i9-9980hk firmware
intel:core_i9-9880h_firmware intel core i9-9880h firmware
intel:core_i9-9900t_firmware intel core i9-9900t firmware
intel:core_i9-9900ks_firmware intel core i9-9900ks firmware
intel:core_i9-9900kf_firmware intel core i9-9900kf firmware
intel:core_i9-9900k_firmware intel core i9-9900k firmware
intel:core_i9-9900_firmware intel core i9-9900 firmware
intel:xeon_e-2288g_firmware intel xeon e-2288g firmware
intel:xeon_e-2286m_firmware intel xeon e-2286m firmware
intel:xeon_e-2286g_firmware intel xeon e-2286g firmware
intel:xeon_e-2278gel_firmware intel xeon e-2278gel firmware
intel:xeon_e-2278ge_firmware intel xeon e-2278ge firmware
intel:xeon_e-2278g_firmware intel xeon e-2278g firmware
intel:xeon_e-2276ml_firmware intel xeon e-2276ml firmware
intel:xeon_e-2276me_firmware intel xeon e-2276me firmware
intel:xeon_e-2276m_firmware intel xeon e-2276m firmware
intel:xeon_e-2276g_firmware intel xeon e-2276g firmware
intel:xeon_e-2274g_firmware intel xeon e-2274g firmware
intel:xeon_e-2254ml_firmware intel xeon e-2254ml firmware
intel:xeon_e-2254me_firmware intel xeon e-2254me firmware
intel:xeon_e-2246g_firmware intel xeon e-2246g firmware
intel:xeon_e-2244g_firmware intel xeon e-2244g firmware
intel:xeon_e-2236_firmware intel xeon e-2236 firmware
intel:xeon_e-2234_firmware intel xeon e-2234 firmware
intel:xeon_e-2226ge_firmware intel xeon e-2226ge firmware
intel:xeon_e-2226g_firmware intel xeon e-2226g firmware
intel:xeon_e-2224_firmware intel xeon e-2224 firmware
intel:xeon_e-2224g_firmware intel xeon e-2224g firmware
intel:xeon_e-2186g_firmware intel xeon e-2186g firmware
intel:xeon_e-2186m_firmware intel xeon e-2186m firmware
intel:xeon_e-2176g_firmware intel xeon e-2176g firmware
intel:xeon_e-2176m_firmware intel xeon e-2176m firmware
intel:xeon_e-2174g_firmware intel xeon e-2174g firmware
intel:xeon_e-2146g_firmware intel xeon e-2146g firmware
intel:xeon_e-2144g_firmware intel xeon e-2144g firmware
intel:xeon_e-2136_firmware intel xeon e-2136 firmware
intel:xeon_e-2134_firmware intel xeon e-2134 firmware
intel:xeon_e-2126g_firmware intel xeon e-2126g firmware
intel:xeon_e-2124_firmware intel xeon e-2124 firmware
intel:xeon_e-2124g_firmware intel xeon e-2124g firmware