ID CVE-2017-8738
Type cve
Reporter NVD
Modified 2017-09-19T12:26:30


Microsoft Edge in Microsoft Windows 10 Gold, 1511, 1607, and Windows Server 2016 allows an attacker to execute arbitrary code in the context of the current user, due to the way that the Microsoft Edge scripting engine handles objects in memory, aka "Scripting Engine Memory Corruption Vulnerability". This CVE ID is unique from CVE-2017-8649, CVE-2017-8660, CVE-2017-8729, CVE-2017-8740, CVE-2017-8741, CVE-2017-8748, CVE-2017-8752, CVE-2017-8753, CVE-2017-8755, CVE-2017-8756, and CVE-2017-11764.