ID CVE-2017-2313
Type cve
Modified 2017-07-11T01:33:00


Juniper Networks devices running affected Junos OS versions may be impacted by the receipt of a crafted BGP UPDATE which can lead to an rpd (routing process daemon) crash and restart. Repeated crashes of the rpd daemon can result in an extended denial of service condition. The affected Junos OS versions are: 15.1 prior to 15.1F2-S15, 15.1F5-S7, 15.1F6-S5, 15.1F7, 15.1R4-S7, 15.1R5-S2, 15.1R6; 15.1X49 prior to 15.1X49-D78, 15.1X49-D80; 15.1X53 prior to 15.1X53-D230, 15.1X53-D63, 15.1X53-D70; 16.1 prior to 16.1R3-S3, 16.1R4; 16.2 prior to 16.2R1-S3, 16.2R2; Releases prior to Junos OS 15.1 are unaffected by this vulnerability. 17.1R1, 17.2R1, and all subsequent releases have a resolution for this vulnerability.