ID CVE-2017-17200
Type cve
Modified 2018-03-29T15:07:00


Huawei DP300 V500R002C00; RP200 V500R002C00; V600R006C00; TE30 V100R001C10; V500R002C00; V600R006C00; TE40 V500R002C00; V600R006C00; TE50 V500R002C00; V600R006C00; TE60 V100R001C10; V500R002C00; V600R006C00 have an out-of-bounds read vulnerability due to the improper processing of malformed H323 messages. A remote attacker that controls a server could exploit this vulnerability by sending malformed H323 reply messages to a target device. Successful exploit could make the device read out of bounds and probably make a service unavailable.