ID CVE-2016-10041
Type cve
Modified 2017-01-07T03:00:00


An issue was discovered in Sprecher Automation SPRECON-E Service Program before 3.43 SP0. Under certain preconditions, it is possible to execute telegram simulation as a non-admin user. As prerequisites, a user must have created an online-connection, validly authenticated and authorized as administrator, and executed telegram simulation. After that, the online-connection must have been closed. Incorrect caching of client data then may lead to privilege escalation, where a subsequently acting non-admin user is permitted to do telegram simulation. In order to exploit this vulnerability, a potential attacker would need to have both a valid engineering-account in the SPRECON RBAC system as well as access to a service/maintenance computer with SPRECON-E Service Program running. Additionally, a valid admin-user must have closed the service connection beforehand without closing the program, having executed telegram simulation; the attacker then has access to the running software instance. Hence, there is no risk from external attackers.