ID CVE-2015-5360
Type cve
Modified 2015-07-22T18:35:00


IPv6 sendd in Juniper Junos 12.1X44 before 12.1X44-D51, 12.1X46 before 12.1X46-D36, 12.1X46 before 12.1X46-D40, 12.1X47 before 12.1X47-D25, 12.3 before 12.3R10, 12.3X48 before 12.3X48-D20, 13.2 before 13.2R8, 13.3 before 13.3R6, 14.1 before 14.1R5, 14.2 before 14.2R3, 15.1 before 15.1R1, and 15.1X49 before 15.1X49-D20, when the "set protocols neighbor-discovery secure security-level default" option is configured, allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (CPU consumption) via a crafted Secure Neighbor Discovery (SEND) Protocol packet.