ID CVE-2014-9986
Type cve
Modified 2018-05-11T14:05:00


In Android before 2018-04-05 or earlier security patch level on Qualcomm Snapdragon Automobile, Snapdragon Mobile, and Snapdragon Wear MSM8909W, SD 210/SD 212/SD 205, SD 400, SD 410/12, SD 425, SD 430, SD 450, SD 615/16/SD 415, SD 617, SD 625, SD 650/52, SD 800, SD 808, SD 810, SD 820, and SD 820A, in playready_licacq_process_response(), 'cbResponse' value is controlled by HLOS, and there is no validation on this length. If 'cbResponse' is too large, memory overread occurs.