ID CVE-2014-6379
Type cve
Modified 2017-09-08T01:29:00


Juniper Junos 11.4 before R12, 12.1 before R10, 12.1X44 before D35, 12.1X45 before D25, 12.1X46 before D20, 12.1X47 before D10, 12.2 before R8, 12.2X50 before D70, 12.3 before R6, 13.1 before R4-S3, 13.1X49 before D55, 13.1X50 before D30, 13.2 before R4, 13.2X50 before D20, 13.2X51 before D26 and D30, 13.2X52 before D15, 13.3 before R2, and 14.1 before R1, when a RADIUS accounting server is configured as [system accounting destination radius], creates an entry in /var/etc/pam_radius.conf, which might allow remote attackers to bypass authentication via unspecified vectors.