ID CVE-2010-0731
Type cve
Modified 2017-09-19T01:30:00


The gnutls_x509_crt_get_serial function in the GnuTLS library before 1.2.1, when running on big-endian, 64-bit platforms, calls the asn1_read_value with a pointer to the wrong data type and the wrong length value, which allows remote attackers to bypass the certificate revocation list (CRL) check and cause a stack-based buffer overflow via a crafted X.509 certificate, related to extraction of a serial number. Per:

"Please note that the problem was solved for GnuTLS 1.2.1, released on 2005-04-04. Also, 32-bit platforms are not affected. I have added information about this on

so that it contains the complete list of known security flaws. I'm using the keyword GNUTLS-SA-2010-1 for this."