ID CVE-2010-0642
Type cve
Reporter NVD
Modified 2017-08-16T21:32:03


Cisco Collaboration Server (CCS) 5 allows remote attackers to read the source code of JHTML files via URL encoded characters in the filename extension, as demonstrated by (1) changing .jhtml to %2Ejhtml, (2) changing .jhtml to .jhtm%6C, (3) appending %00 after .jhtml, and (4) appending %c0%80 after .jhtml, related to the (a) doc/docindex.jhtml, (b) browserId/wizardForm.jhtml, (c) webline/html/forms/callback.jhtml, (d) webline/html/forms/callbackICM.jhtml, (e) webline/html/agent/AgentFrame.jhtml, (f) webline/html/agent/default/badlogin.jhtml, (g) callme/callForm.jhtml, (h) webline/html/multichatui/nowDefunctWindow.jhtml, (i) browserId/wizard.jhtml, (j) admin/CiscoAdmin.jhtml, (k) msccallme/mscCallForm.jhtml, and (l) webline/html/admin/wcs/LoginPage.jhtml components.