ID CVE-2009-1244
Type cve
Reporter NVD
Modified 2018-10-30T12:25:13


Unspecified vulnerability in the virtual machine display function in VMware Workstation 6.5.1 and earlier; VMware Player 2.5.1 and earlier; VMware ACE 2.5.1 and earlier; VMware Server 1.x before 1.0.9 build 156507 and 2.x before 2.0.1 build 156745; VMware Fusion before 2.0.4 build 159196; VMware ESXi 3.5; and VMware ESX 3.0.2, 3.0.3, and 3.5 allows guest OS users to execute arbitrary code on the host OS via unknown vectors, a different vulnerability than CVE-2008-4916.